Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nordic Julekuler: More Skins :)

Can anything be sweeter for a knitting person than a sight of a stacked knitted yarn? :) Just look at the above pile of my knitted ball "skins" :) It's been growing as I've been working hard on the triple coloured version of my Nordic balls. It's already a bit of madness using three colours of yarn at the same time as they tangle BIG TIME but the final result is lovely and, I think, overall it's worth the whole effort. Those are made using an Eskimo-inspired pattern. One of my faves in the whole A&C's book.

Some of the "skins" have metallic thread knitted into them. I have used two types of metallic yarn but only one really worked with me. I have used GGH Yarn Rebecca Lame silver and gold yarn (as recommended in the book) and a metallic yarn from Anchor in the very same shades. The former one turned out to be too thin for Heilo wool and I do admit, I struggled a bit with this yarn. The latter one is thicker than Rebecca Lame and works better with Heilo, less fiddly and easier to make stitches. It simply looks smoother on the surface too.

Next time - fully stuffed balls!
To be continued...

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