Thursday, 31 May 2012

Nordic Julekuler: "Tricolor" 9/55

My triple coloured knitted balls are ready to be revealed! :) Voila! I just simply couldn't stop after knitting one and had to have some other coloured variants :) They don't have their chains yet so they are more like balls rather than baubles :)

("Tricolor" 9/55)

And? What do you think?

And this is what they look like individually. I'm happier with some of them more than with the others though. I might come back to this pattern again in a while and knit some more colour variations.

And the whole Christmas balls collection (so far!) :


  1. Ah. You have finished them. Don't they look great. Very festive.

    1. Thanks Carol :) Enjoy my festive knitting :)


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