Sunday, 27 May 2012

Eggs-citing knits

There is always a good time for knitting an Easter egg :) Whether before or after the season :) Here are my first 3 knitted eggs, also inspired by the book of Arne and Carlos. Different shapes achieved as you can see :) but I'm still practising my egg shapes and egg stuffing :)

Thinner yarn seems to work better with this egg shape. Really happy with this one:

The knitting patterns for these eggs come from this book:

It's a new book written by Arne and Carlos and it has already been published in Scandinavian languages and Dutch. The English version is to come out in the future but apparently the date hasn't been set yet (yes, I do keep checking regularly at Arne & Carlos' facebook fan page). I really can't wait for the English version of this book! I'm already knitting some of eggs only thanks to a friend who shared her Dutch version with me. But I wanna have my own! :)

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