Monday, 9 May 2011

Oldies from the past: Tudor-style tealight candleholders

I love a homely atmosphere. I love the mood. I love ambience. Therefore I love glass painting tealight candleholders, which bring such lovely coloured shadows into  your home :) Here are one of my favourite (and one of the first) tealight candleholders hand-painted by me and inspired by the Tudor-style leaded windows. They live on the mantelpiece today.

Joanita, welcome to my blog :) my 2nd follower :)


  1. Hi, you have some great designs here. I was just wondering about the type of glass colors you use... are they the kind that require heat-curing? Or just the simple water-based or solvent-based colors that come in small plastic bottles with nozzles? These candle-holders that you've made... don't the colors melt off the glass with the heat of the candle?

  2. hi. thanks for your comment and dropping by.
    i use solvent based non-bakeable vitrail paints in most cases. they all come in glassy pots and are applied with a brush. the tealight heat doesnt melt the paint (thanks god! :P) as the candleholder is large enough to fit a tealight and have some space around it. i always try not to expose my glass to very close heat as it could crack like any other glass.

  3. Cool! That was a quick reply... very much appreciate it! Thanks.

    Btw, I'm Kadambari (commonly known as just "Kaddu") from India. I have made a few framed wall paintings in glass so far, but your blog has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for me to try my hands on. I'm going to try painting on curved glass now (bottles, glasses etc.) and see how it goes.

    Take care :)


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