Saturday, 28 May 2011

2 cards

My latest two cards :)

The first one has been made for a male friend from Poland for his birthday. I chose chocolatey browns and creams for that occasion. I've been very much into these colours recently :) The circular badge stamp I used comes from the online Lemonade shop. These badge stamps are soooo in these days!

The second card has been made as a 60th birthday card for my boss at work. I thought something soft, pastel and feminine instead of solemn dark rich colours would come out better. Light and fresh, it meant to be.

I put a marbled pink insert inside with a printed and scalloped die-cut message too.

And now the best piece of news: thanks to my colleague, L. I'll be taking part in a summer fair in June in Wrexham, North Wales where all sorts of crafters will be selling their stuff. So excited and can't wait the day! Now with the weekly half term break coming it's high time to catch up with painting some more fresh pieces of glass, card making and sewing. I'm planning to have hand-painted glass the most, some cheeky bean bag chickens and possibly some cards and gift tags :) depending how much I can do before the final date - 18th June.

Oh, and last but not least, MotherGosling, welcome, my new follower :)

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