Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Easter aftertaste

Now that Easter is gone, I am back to my old routine. Work-home-crafts-work-home-crafts way of living :) After such a long and fabulous break, what's left now is a pile of Easter cards from my friends and lovely weather outside, which somehow miraculously continues to be sunny :)

I took part in a blog Easter card swap and here's what I received from PL

even more Easter cards from my crafty friends:

And some Easter goodies from BoArt :)

with a lovely Easter card attached :)

Orin's 7 tatted eggs were hung on branches of my Easter Tree :) this year

And of course, as always, I have started lots of lovely projects but haven't managed to finish them off in time for Easter. These are the 2 cross stitch designs:
a 3D Easter bunny: 

and 1st of the 4 Easter card stitches. This one has been almost completed. Just need to add the backstitch, wash it, iron it and mount it on a card. I was stitching this one while watching the royal wedding on telly :)

Now, I've been stitching this design for a few days now. It's going to be a stitch mounted on a card for my best friend, Ela, from Poland. Hope she will like it.

Right after finishing the Friend Card, I'm moving on to a bookmark for Mother's Day in Pl (26th May) and it's going to look like that:

It's going to be already a second cross stitched bookmark for my mum, who by the way is a real bookworm, as the 1st one with the purple heathers I stitched for her last year turned out to be too nice to use and ended up as a treasure in her keepsakes box!! I hope this time she will use the 2nd one! 

I've been feeling a little bit royal and inspired by all that wedding event taking place in Britain and I feel like stitching or sewing something with my favourite British motif - the union jack, so I've made some preparations for that :D 

I already know what it's going to be but hush! Not gonna tell you though. It's a secret! :P

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