Sunday, 29 September 2013

(Early) Christmas Cards 2013 (9) & A new furry addition to the household :)

What a week and what a weekend! Each day of this week brought something new and  each was busy for me one way or the other. The weekend is just passing by. I really don't know where this time is flying. Day after day and night after night and we are already at the end of September. To be honest, I haven't done much this week - just a few cards in the evenings to add to the overall Christmas card collection So I'm showing you the two new ones :) This time a little more traditional take on Christmas cards with lots of green accents. I missed some green shades after such a long time making red and white Scandinavian ones. 

I absolutely love that lacey die cut Christmas tree (Cheery Lynn dies) and the red heat-embossed reindeer from A Muse Studio stamp set. The poinsettia on vine punched border is Martha Stewart's punch.

Little details - tags, strings, borders, charms is what I've always liked :) I'm still in love with bakers twines too. I keep seeing a lot of them on eBay and in craft shops. They add a lot to the festive charm.

And another go at Christmas greens but this time with a bit of yellow too :) The image is comes from a Noolibird stamp I bought last year and this cute folky bird in a festive wreath has always been one of my favourites in my stamp collection. 

This year another punch joined up my collection - a Woodware punch - Large Holly Leaf - how did I do without it before? I find it so useful and I just love the shapely holly leaves it punches. I feel tempted to use it on each of my cards! 

And finally, last, but not least - meet Cookie - our new addition to the household :-)))) We got her yesterday from a woman who apparently saved her life from an outdoor fire. She's full of beans and she's just trying to settle down. She's about 10 weeks old.

I just melted when I saw her photo on facebook. The white whiskers and the "milky" moustache simply captured my heart.

She's so little and so everywhere! I haven't had a little kitten at home for ages! I'm getting used to it again.

She's so sweet and she loves a lot of TLC. She is not liking our old cat Stinky though. She's very distrustful towards him and giving him lots of hissing and growling at the moment. I hope they will make friends in the end because Stinky is a real can't-be-bothered docile cat.

Linking Hand-made Monday no. 136 tonight. I'm really curious what other crafters have been up to.


  1. Lovely cards. I really like all the different textures you include on your cards. I too love the Christmas Tree. :)

  2. oh she is just the sweetest - hope she settles in!

  3. Lovely change of colours for you - I like the blues, but I like these too!

  4. My son just looked over my shoulder, and gave the most enormous Aarrrr. He has now gone to find our cat Flash, to check she hasn't got jealous. She looked just like Cookie as a kitten.

  5. Oh my goodness I love the lacey die-cut Christmas, so effective x

  6. You know I love your cards. On the first card, I LOVE the Santa face in the background. Unexpected, but perfect. I also love the die-cut tree. It looks like it's made of paper doilies. On the second card, I love the yellow. I wouldn't have thought of that. Of course, I love Cookie! She has a whole bunch of milky bits. Congratulations. She's a very lucky girl to have a wonderful home. I hope she and Stinky make peace.

  7. Good morning Marta,
    your new cards are wonderful, I always like the traditional Green and Red Look ;O)
    But ...
    COOKIE ............ what a sweet little thing! So lovey! Oh, she can be so happy that she now can live with you! I am sure, with all the love you give to her, she will stelle down very soon!
    Wishing you a wonderful time with COOKIÉ and I hope, we will see more photos here soon :O)
    Happy new week,
    Love and hnugs

  8. Love the tags and string detail :)

  9. Lovely cards and an adorable kitten. I haven't started Christmas yet but it's fast approaching :)

    Jan x

  10. Beautiful Christmas cards Martha, with lots of textures and brilliant images.
    Cookie is just adorable no wonder she melted your heart.

  11. Cookie is so sweet!!! Cute little kitty :)

  12. Cookie is just gorgeous! Hopefully she will learn to like your older cat soon. I agree with you, that holly punch could become rather addictive :D

  13. The Santa face on the background works really well.

    Cookie is SO adorable. I'm sure she will get on fine with Stinky. Just give her time xx

  14. Really beautiful cards and such a cute kitten!

  15. I love the kitten, so cute :D
    The cards are lovely, great festive ones. Ive been doing mine for months LOL

  16. Gorgeous cards! Great pix of the kitty and the cat.

  17. You have been very busy...the cards look great and the kitty is so so cute!

  18. I just found your blog after seeing the red and white Nordic cross-stitch Christmas sampler on the internet. It's from your entry of Tuesday, 21 February 2012. I would love to make one like it and wondered where you got the pattern, or if you made it up yourself.

  19. It's been a while since your last post, hope all is well with you and you're just busy? xx

  20. What a cute little bundle of fluff! I love the lacy Christmas tree on your cards, getting me in the festive mood! :D

  21. Hi, just wondered if you were alright as you haven't posted for a while. I hope you are okay, and it's just that you have been too busy crafting and making to blog. If you want, feel free to email me, address on my blog if I show up as no reply. Take care of yourself whatever is happening with you. xx


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