Sunday, 15 September 2013

(Early) Christmas Cards 2013 (7): Nordic Blue (2). The Gold Mold Cape.

Hi. In this windy and rainy weather we've had for the past few days I've been feeling inclined to stay with a book and blanket on the sofa rather than to venture somewhere outside. Looks like the season for cold rainy and windy days is just round the corner. 
Craftwise, I'm still working on my Christmas cards and I've been thinking of having a go at selling them at my workplace this year. Just out of curiosity and for fun. I even bought the protecting cello bags for my cards yesterday. I've never sold my cards before as I tend to be rather pessimistic about the card sales considering the fact how many people can make their own cards these days and how many of them still prefer to buy a pack of 10 for £1 and which end up in a recycling bin after the festive days. So all the excess of my Christmas cards will go on sale at work. I really wonder how much interest they will receive :) 
But in the meantime here are some more cards in the frosty blue shades but this time with the mixture of natural brown kraft cardstock :) I love to use this natural brown card - it combines well with lots of colours and it is a nice change from a traditional white card. 
The card below was made using a card sketch I found on the internet. I think it was the one from the Mojo Monday blog where there's a great choice of card sketches to choose from.

Beneath, a simple card with a stamped and heat-embossed Snow Bird - a stamp from Noolibird.

The two cards together :)

And my first attempt at embellishing a gate fold card. The snowflakes have been punched with Martha Stewart punches and the reindeer stamp comes from Noolibird again. 

This type of card kind of reminds me of ... a cupboard so I embellished "the doors" too :)

I kind of like how it opens and closed and stands on it own :) More cards coming soon!

*  *  *

Saturday was luckily a nice sunny day here in North Wales so me and my bf grabbed an opportunity and went out to Wrexham County Borough Museum to see the Gold Mold Cape - we just made it on the last day of exhibition as the Mold Cape is back to its house now - The British Museum in London. For those who don't know it, it's a piece of ceremonial outfit that was unexpectedly discovered buried in a stony grave found in one of the Welsh fields and it comes from the Early Bronze Age, being about 3000 years old! What amazing craftmanship!
The cape was well displayed and I was very pleased how the photos came out :)

The cape must have received lots of interest from the public as there were crowds at the museum, even on the last day of exhibition. Below, this is how the archeologists imagine the cape was used during the ceremonies - completed by a necklace which agrees nicely with the upper line of the cape. It's assumed it once belonged to a woman of a high status. No skeleton parts survived in the grave unfortunately. Apparently some other capes existed too as some extra bits of gold leaf were found in the soil too. 

Below, a contemporary attempt at creating a tool that would reproduce the embossed pattern on the cape. Surely the bronze age people couldn't have one like this! ;) It must have been done by hand somehow.

I really enjoyed this short museum trip. You just don't get to see such things everyday. So fascinating!

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  1. Lovely cards. I'm sure your colleagues will think so too.
    The gold cape is stunning. Such intricate detail xx

  2. Good morning Marta,
    wonderful new Christmas cards you made!
    Thank you also for the very interesting pictures and report from the visit in the Museum!
    HAve a good start into the new week,
    hugs to you,

  3. I love the style of your cards, I've been meaning to try working from card sketches, but have just never got round to it. I'm sure your colleagues would love to buy some of your cards, and even if you don't sell them all this year, keeping them in the cello bags means they'll last for years (some of my cards are over 4 years old and still in perfect condition)

  4. Thanks for the pictures of the Cape. Fascinating what they did all those years ago. And the cards are lovely!

  5. The cape pictures and story are amazing Martha, I had not heard of it, let alone seen it, so thank you for sharing this.

    I am sure that your colleagues will love the cards, people always love handmade cards. Make sure that you "sign" them somehow on the back so that people know they are handmade and who made them.

    Also, make sure that you charge a sensible amount - as in make sure you don't have your prices too low. If they are more expensive than cheap people will respect them more and think they are worth more. You can always lower the price if they don't sell, but you can't increase the prices if they are popular. Have a good week and looking forward as always to more of your crafting. Amy xx

  6. Love the Joy card :)
    and the Gold Mold Cape is fascinating

  7. I love the cards and the shade of blue you used. The cape is amazing. When I saw it I thought it was Egyptian. I think it's wonderful it's been found in Wales. A great piece of history.
    Ali x

  8. I always really like the colour combinations you choose. Your cards will make a real change from the usual red, green and gold offerings. Good luck with selling them. x

  9. Wow, that cape is amazing, such wonderful detail, it's lovely that you were able to see it without travelling all the way to London.
    I adore your blue cards, it reminds me of icicles and snowy winter days.

    Jan x

  10. Wow amazon cape, such wonderful detail i love the cards and the shade of blue you used. You can buy greeting cards online and I am sure that your colleagues will love the cards.

  11. Great idea to sell some of your cards at work. I'm sure that you will have sales because everyone has someone they want a special card for. Fascinating about the cape. I've never seen anything like it.


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