Thursday, 19 September 2013

Handmade Scandinavian Christmas - book review

Hi all. This week seems to be whizzing past for me and that's good as I'm really looking forward to the chilling weekend after all the work stresses and frustrations. Hopefully the weather will be nice but even if it rains, I can stay in and do some knitting or cross stitching in the comfort of my own home :) 
I'm still working on my Christmas cards, thinking of the card sale more and more and trying to cross stitch and knit a bit in the evenings too. Oh!...and I'm reading too! In other words, I'm doing everything! 
Today I'm going to blog about one of my recent new book purchases - Handmade Scandinavian Christmas by Hege Barnholt. The book has already hit the online bookstores (I got mine from The Book Depository) Those of you interested in Scandi-themes may find this book very appealing. It's a hardcover edition, David and Charles publisher, 158 pages with templates included. Lots of lovely photographs and ideas how to make your Christmas Scandinavian.

I thought you may like to have a peek inside:
Above all,  this book encourages you to use the natural treasures to make decorations for your home. So prepare yourself for a trip to a forest or park for some cones, berries, leaves, branches, wood sticks, tree bark, moss, pieces of wood, stones etc

Simplicity of the decorations is very distinct here... Scandinavians always like it bright and clean. 

Knitted/ crocheted items are a must in the Scandinavian style! (I just LOVE them!)

There is also something for those who love cards, tags and gift wraps :))

And also something for kids... a baking/crafting section

and there's also a cooking section for foodies :)

All the above photos are just a foretaste of what is waiting for you in this book. You will find in it many more tempting projects, do believe me. Do I like it? Of course! I LOVE it! This books made me want to go on a trip to woods for some forest treasures ;)
Have a good night and thanks for your feedback x x x


  1. So many lovely things, I especially like the wreaths and the advent candles. You must have loads of ideas for projects that you want to do now. How will you fit it all in! Good luck with preparing for the card sale. I am sure tha you will do well.

  2. This looks like such a lovely book! Thank you for sharing.
    M x

  3. What a beautiful looking book! Enjoy a lovely relaxing weekend! X

  4. When I saw the title of this book my little heart skipped a beat--- what a perfect idea! Im going to have to get this--- i love that it includes many types of crafts and things for kids. Thanks for pointing this out to me!

  5. Hi Marta,
    what a wonderful book!
    Will you do all items ? ;O)
    Have a happy day and a lovely and creative weekend!
    hugs to you

  6. What a stunning book Martha, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  7. Looks like it is loaded with inspiration. I love the clean brightness of Scandinavian design. I'm a little more cluttered in my real life, but I still admire the style.

  8. This does look like a great book. I know some great ladies that would love this book as an early Christmas gift, I thank you for the review! I have been looking for some great books for gifts for this year. I wasn't really headed down the "craft" road but glad I found this one. I would take a look at a couple other books for gifts, I have found 2 by Barbara Ward, she has 2 seasonal books that are easy quick reads and great warm stories. She has The Reindeer Keeper and The Snowman Maker. Worth a look!


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