Tuesday, 19 November 2013

(Early) Christmas Cards 2013 (10): Knitted jumper style (1)

Hi all. Long time no blog post. I know, it has become very quiet here. Two of my friendly readers asked me in their comments if I was ok (thank you Judith and Amy. Very thoughtful of you x x) I am ok and alive :) Well, a few things caused my absence. First, the kitten who is quickly growing up, requires attention and keeps very active most of the time, which in turn it keeps me active too. Secondly, my blogging mojo has somehow evaporated and I temporarily lost my interest in blogging (a blog burn-out perhaps? or maybe some sort of autumnal depression/laziness?) and thirdly lack of time and work stresses successfully got me out of my crafting mood (oh! perhaps I should blame the 50 Shades of Grey ebooks too!) I've been trying to hand-make something throughout all that time but it's not much, I must admit. Not very productive. However, I'm hoping to be back to my regular blogging now :) The build-up of the blogging material has been on my mind all the time. Time to get on with it. 

Undoubtedly, Christmas is approaching fast and although I haven't been blogging much for the last month one thing is certain: I've been shopping for some red and white Scandi stuff and oh God, how I much I've been enjoying it! Roaming from a shop to a shop I've been buying Scandi-themed cups, bowls, platters, bed covers, napkins, kitchen towels, candles, Christmas tree decorations (being in my element!). Nowadays the choice in the shops is so huge and the Scandi theme is still on! It must me the 2nd or 3rd winter when the Nordic patterns reign among the Christmas products. I still dream of lidded a mulled wine pot with a tealight warmer with a Scandi theme :) I just ordered a lovely set off eBay. I've already stocked up on some bottle of German mulled wine :)

Back on the craft frontline, here are some of my new cards. Embossed jumper-style with lots of white and frosty blue colour. (I really love this embossing folder from Sizzix!) I tried first with the square version and a decorative band from a lovely Dutch scrapbooking paper. It glitters and sparkles but I don't think the photo really shows this.

Then I went for the version with the rounded edges...

and some other decorative bands:

I really enjoyed making those cards. The cosy knitted theme is so Nordic'y - I so love it!. More cards and more crafty news to come soon. I shall keep you posted. Promise :) Will be catching up with your blogs soon too! Been wondering what you have been up to.

Hope you're all having a good week and thanks everybody, whoever stops here, for their comments. Missed blogging for you. xxx


  1. I am glad that you are OK, I didn't mean to bug you at all, just wanted to check on you! Your cards are lovely as always. Glad that you have been off having fun with your kitten, such a lovely way to spend your time. xx

  2. Fabulous cards, I'm not usually a big fan of embossing but on your cards its simply stunning.

  3. Love your x-mas cards!
    So crisp with blue and white :)

    Enjoy your day with your kitten :O)

  4. Lovely to have you back :) Your cards are lovely, as always!!!

  5. We all need a break now and again. You haven't lost your beautiful touch, though. The cards are lovely.

  6. Glad to read that all is well your side and you're having a nice time with the kitten and other activities :)
    It's normal to have times when there is no will to write for the blog - I have it from time to time.
    Lovely cards and the "knit style" decorations look superb!
    Enjoy your pre-Christmas activities & shopping ♡ ✲ ✲ ✲ ✲

  7. love the style of cards you have done thanks for sharing with handmade harbour this week Rachel DT


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