Saturday, 30 November 2013

New book: Arne & Carlos "Knit-and-Crochet Garden"

Good news for the fans of the Scandinavian knitting duet: Arne and Carlos - the English edition of their knit and crochet book has been available on sale now :) I'm a big fan of A & C myself. My own copy arrived from Amazon about a month ago :) I'm lovin' this book! It's so full of spring/summery ideas and vibrant with colours. Perfect book to work on after Christmas as the spring is approaching :) A few photos for you to have a peek inside the book:

Definitely the star projects in this book are the crocheted blankets:
I'm in love with this one:

Classic granny squares:

According to A & C they are a perfect way to use up your stashed scraps of yarn

There are plenty of crochet projects for your home and garden:

And there's also something for the cross stitch lovers:
pansy cushion covers, xxl cross stitch :)

Most of all I love these knitted sachets - they are gorgeous! I think after Christmas I'll have a go at them. 

There are a few new knitted characters in this book too:

And of course Arne an Carlso are showing oof their gorgeous scrapbook:

Happy Days:

And finally the famous photo from the book that went all over the internet:

In the meantime A & C are busy publishing their next book! It's not known yet when exactly the English edition will come out but for sure it's going to be in 2014. The new book will be all about a regional Nordic knitting (from Setesdal) and it will feature projects like socks, mittens, jumpers and some toys :) As always I'm awaiting this book very impatiently. 


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed. the photos are truly amazing. they worked hard on them.

  2. Hi Martha, Thank you, thank you so much for your review/post about this crochet book - it's amazing.
    Off to Amazon for a peek.

    1. you're welcome. glad you liked the book. are you getting your own? :)

  3. Lots of lovely things to make there, and great colours! xx

    1. yes :) fabulous books, perfect for summer days x

  4. As always, you're well ahead of everyone and already working on the (second) next season :)
    Those sachets are very beautiful - me like! and the new book sounds soooo very exciting... I look forward to when the English edition is out
    Have a nice Christmas advent time ♡

    1. yes, i like to start early :) and sometimes despite that i still manage to leave my projects unfinished (argh!) but i do follow arne and carlos closely on fb so i quickly get the news :)
      i always look forward to their new books. knitters love them!
      yes, i cant also wait the next book - proper nordic knitting in it!

  5. I love those blankets too…i think I just might need to get that book!


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