Friday, 26 July 2013

Turquoise and Brown once more

Time for another batch of cards with brown and turquoise features :) I already blogged about some of them before HERE -  have a peek if you interested. Again - it's all has been made using some scraps of paper, kraft cardstock and stamps :) My favourite card making motifs: hearts and cross stitch pattern.

This card has something new I wanted to try out - hand sewing on card. The cross stitch on the central card topper has been heat-embossed in seafoam white and the squares have been embellished with cross stitches by hand. I'm quite pleased with the effect. "Dla Ciebie"  = For you :)

This card has been literally made from remaining scraps of paper. I had a few coloured offcuts and why not go for a stripey composition? 
I think the vellum fishtail and the pearls are my favourite details here. 

Another card with a heart card topper. Used one of my cross stitch stamps on it.

And the last card, not with turquoise this time but with pink / purple shades. 

And all cards together:

A crafty fellow Emma from Emma made blog awarded me a blog Liebster Award.

What a lovely surprise! Thank you Emma.


  1. Congratulations on your award! Loving the cards. I never tire of this particular color combination (turq and brown, or pink and brown for that matter).

    1. Thank you Lori. I also love these colour combinations and like to come back to them every so often x

  2. Your cards are stunning, really love the colour combination. Have replied to your query about the tapestry cushions on my blog just shout if you need any other information.


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