Friday, 12 July 2013

(Early) Christmas Cards 2013 (2)

Some more of my Christmas cards I made this year :) A continuation of those Christmas cards.  Kinda fun to make wintery cards on hot days of June and July :)

And all 7 together :)

On my summer holidays in 5 working days - woohoo! Can't wait! There will be so much time to craft and create! Counting down already!


  1. Martha...I always love your cards, and I mean that truly. These are beautiful and go perfectly with your Nordic theme.

  2. Good morning Martha,
    wonderful your early Christmas cards!
    Yesterday I sorted some embroidery patterns for christmas cards ;O) Will start soon .....
    Happy weekend to you,

  3. Martha, these Christmas cards are amazing! I especially love the red and white ones and the Scandinavian ones! My husband and I are visiting Norway in mid August and these cards have me wondering what beautiful handwork I will see in little shops here and there?


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