Sunday, 7 July 2013

Brown sugar or caramel?

Brown sugar or caramel? Which one do you choose? I like both and these "sweet" colours were my inspiration for the set of 8 hand-made cards I have created this week. I'm very pleased with how they turned out. Today I'm showing you the first four. Basically I limited myself to this range of colours: A) turquoise + brown/caramel + white or B) brown/caramel + white + pink to see what comes out of it. I worked on kraft cardstock blanks (Love it! - my favourite cardstock), did quite a lot of stamping and heat-embossing. It was great fun composing those cards.

Do you perhaps recognize this central card topper in a form of classic medallion? This is exactly the same motif I used for my medallion cards earlier on (if you're interested I blogged about them HERE and HERE).

Raspberries in chocolate anyone? This time my central card topper is a big flower in a cross-stitchy style. The backing squares have been distressed for a more "rugged" look :)

And back to turquoise again :) This card has been made literally from scraps of paper. Would you really say that? I have finally had a chance to dig out my vellum paper sheets that have been squirrelled away somewhere in my craft boxes. Together with the fishtail dies (my another new fascination), I discovered what a great addition to your cards a vellum paper can be. Added a couple of Hydrangea flowers for some elegance. Not a big fan of excessive bushy floral compositions so I went for a rather modest option. I like flowers just for... accentuation

And raspberry and chocolate once more :) This time it's the same medallion but on a lacey bedding :) Textured cardstock gives us a different heat-embossing effect.

Would love to share those card with the other crafty people so I'm linking up to Hand-made Monday blog hop tonight!
Hope you have had a great sunny weekend! Thank you for your comments x x


  1. Dear Martha,
    wonderful new cards!
    Like the brown sugar colour ;O)
    Have a happy new week,
    Hugs to you

  2. Really special cards! Lovely colour combos. Think my favourite is the second one with the pretty cross-stitch style flower - like the rugged look too! :)

  3. Really like your cards, and a great idea to limit yourself to a few colours to make a card - it can easily get overwhelming when you have too much choice.

  4. Lovely cards :)
    I like both colour combinations but the turquoise and brown is one of my all time favourite mixes.

  5. I really like your idea of limiting yourself to a few colours. There is something quite soothing about these cards. My favourite would have to be the turquoise one, probably because it is my favourite colour! A really nice collection though.

  6. The cards are lovely. I love the colours. They remind me of gingerbread xx


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