Monday, 14 April 2014

Vipe of Dalegarn

Have I mentioned before that I am a yarn snob loving quality yarns and knitting tools? Oh yes, I have! And here is the proof: not so long ago I placed an order with in the USA and received this gorgeous mercerized cotton yarn from Dalegarn - Vipe. It came from so afar, all the way from America and it was even custom charged. Sadly, so far this Norwegian yarn is not available in the UK but I do hope it will change one day. First time I've had this type of Norwegian yarn and since it's quite costly, I just ordered a few colours required for the project. 

Additionally, I also ordered two colours of Lerke (also from Dalegarn, it's a cotton and merino blend yarn) which can't be obtained in the UK. I love knitting with Lerke. It's super soft, warm, cosy and it comes in nice array of colours. Last year I used it to knit my Scandianvian eggs - a project by Arne and Carlos.

And now Vipe by itself - gorgeous shades, luscious, soft and pleasant to the touch. I'm gonna use this yarn to make these knitted pouches featured in Arne & Carlos book - Knit and crochet Garden

This deep purple shade has been my favourite for years. I used to wear lots of clothes in these shades.

At the close-up, Vipe reminds me of a satin cotton thread - soft and silky with a slight shine. I hope it knits well. Can't wait to start working on these pouches. As soon as I'm done with my Easter projects, I'm going to move onto these. 

And speaking of Arne and Carlos - a Norwegian-Swedish kitting duo - I've already preordered their next book on Amazon. The English edition is going to be released in September 2014. Roll on autumn! Can't wait!

Hope you all have had a good weekend. x


  1. Hi Martha,
    wonderful coulours! I am looking forward for your new knitting projects :O)
    Happy Easterweek to you!
    Love and hugs
    P.S. Thank you for your so kind comment again :O)

  2. Wonderful and beautiful colours.

  3. Beautiful yarn! You can almost feel the smoothness in that close-up! :) I just bought a bunch of new yarn the other weekend during the LA Yarn Crawl...can't wait to start knitting with it!

    Also I love Arne and Carlos' patterns - they're knitting wizards.

  4. Hallo Martha!
    I am always happy about your comments. Even here in Germany you can get the book by Arne & Carlos in September 2014. I can not wait ... Until then, I think, I have enough other needlework ideas. I wish you a happy Easter.
    Alles Liebe,


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