Monday, 21 April 2014


Easter Monday is almost over now :) Hope you all have been enjoying your break. Tummies full of chocolate and of all sorts of Easter bakes. Chill-out and feet put up in this nice sunny weather. There's been lots of Easter crafting for me this year.
This season I'm having a knitted Easter theme again. It's my favourite on cards and in decor. In preparation for Easter this year I've knitted these Au Naturale eco eggs :) Very pleased with how they turned out as this is what I wanted to achieve - a natural smooth pastel effect combined with soft coziness and a knitted texture. 

To knit these I used Twilleys Freedom Sincere organic cotton yarn (DK) and dpn needles. I knitted two of each colour and would probably have kept on knitting if Easter hadn't come so fast this year! They were so easy and fast to make as they are plain, not patterned so you don't have to worry about joining in other colours, you just knit automatically like a robot, one by one :) The pattern for the egg comes from Arne and Carlos' book: Easter Knits I mentioned many times on this blog (check for the blog tags) and I'm already well familiar with it as I've already knitted dozens of eggs :) 

Basically I just wanted some plain knitted eggs in natural earthy tones with this lovely knitted cotton texture. I am fascinated by this classic stocking stitch - its simplicity, its genius, its structure. Cotton yarns are particularly good at creating this kind of knitted texture as the fiber is smooth and the fabric weave is so clear and distinct. It loses a little bit of this effect if you knit with a wool. 

I filled the eggs with polyester well to the brim. They keep the shape and they even can stand... like penguin eggs in a nest ;)

And how about having your own Easter Stonehenge... or I should rather say... an Egghenge  - a mysterious circle of knitted eggs :) So what was first then: a stone or an egg? ;)

Or...the Easter Islands perhaps? Doesn't that photo remind you of those colossal stone statues standing proudly in a row?

I had lots of fun making these and will probably come back to knitting them sometime in the future as I've got some other yarn colours and would love to see these in other shades too. 

I haven't been taking part in Hand-made Mondays blog hops for a long time! Time to join up the 164th episode of Hand-made Monday at Handmade Harbour :) 


  1. STONE-*HEN*..?
    whatever, NICELY DONE! Love the Colours! And Tone. -- Loving that Glass Bowl too...

  2. Hi Martha,
    I LOVE your EGG Henge :O) Great!
    Happy week to you,

  3. Loving EggHenge - and I adore the natural colour palette - my favourite combination of all. Your comment was very timely and the short answer is yes, please! Thanks so much for your generous offer. Please email me and we can talk some more about it! x

  4. They are beautiful, and I love the idea of an Egghenge!

  5. Hello Martha, your eggs are brilliant, and I just love the pastel colours.

  6. Haha Egghenge love that name. I do like the browns and blues together. Have a good crafty week.

  7. LOVE ♥ the colors of these eggs!

  8. Love the idea of plain ones and as you say how quick. Perfect egg colours too. Genius


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