Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Christmas Cards 2013 (16) - Leftovers: Knitted and cosy

Just to say a quick "hello" as I'm catching up with the blog posts. Here are some more Vintage Scandinavian cards I made for Christmas 2013. My aim was to make them as cosy and country-side like as possible hence ginghams, tartans and knitted patterns. 

 I loved working on all those little cards details :)

This knitted heart stamp belongs to my favourites now :)

...and there's something about the red tartan I can take my eyes off :)

And a couple of vintage cards with lots of Christmas green colour. Just a nice break-off from Scandinavian reds and whites

I'm currently working on some crochet projects and will be updating you very soon! Anybody thinking of spring crafting already? :)


  1. You worked well before Christmas...you have cards left! i think about starting my newones soon, so that i will have enough for coming Christmas :O)))
    Looking forward for your crochet projects!
    Happy day to you,

  2. Wonderful cards you are worked!

    Klaudia from Germany;-)

  3. Such beautiful variety. I've loved seeing all your Christmas cards.


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