Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Summary of 2013 and crafty plans for 2014.

Hi all. Welcome in 2014! A New Year ahead with new ideas and opportunities to grab and fulfill. 
I can see that lots of bloggers posted their interesting looking-back notes on their websites and since I've never done any of this type before so this time I will follow the crowd and do a little summary on my blog :)
Overall it was a creative and prolific year for me, both for blogging and hand-made production. I enjoyed myself through it as much as I enjoyed meeting and blogging for you. The number of my blog posts went over 100 - the biggest number of blog notes per year so far and the tendency is growing (hope it keeps up!) despite the monthly blog silence in October when I just couldn't be bothered to do anything :)
I have a few hobbies which I'm trying to keep up like glass painting, card making, cross stitching, knitting, sewing but this year definitely was taken over by card making with some knitting and cross stitching alongside. Sadly no glass painting or machine sewing this year but hopefully I'll find some time to go back and do a bit of that as well. 
And here is an overview of my best creations throughout the year:


Started early Easter knits inspired by the the book of Arne & Carlos. Really couldn't wait the day this book is released. Enjoyed knitting coloured patterns a lot.

* * *

Nordic Spring - an attempt at making Nordic-style Easter cards using my new stamps from Noolibird and The Waltzing Mouse Stamps.

Valentine's day with valentine's baking and card making ;) Boyfriend impressed. Good. 

First attempt at making Easter cards. Lots of whiteness and folky embellishments.

* * *

Finally my Easter eggs finished. Used a cotton-merino Lerke yarn and had lots of fun knitting those. Very pleased how they turned out with this new type of yarn. Love the smoothness of the weave.

Really liked this card. Great cutting dies from Tim Holtz and the stamp set from The Waltzing Mouse Stamps. Pastel Nordic pattern in the background.

My first attempt at stitching on wood. My little folky rose key fob got spotted by the Cross Stitcher magazine and tweeted about :) What a lovely surprise!

* * *

Fancied some sweet cute cross stitch and made those cards from the cross stitch magazines freebies.

Nordic baking and decorating despite the twisted knee ;) (Fell down the stairs on Easter Sunday. Bummer!)

* * *

Exploring Polish folklore with some great folky stamps, scrapbooking papers and punches.

Really liked this card - the textures, the patterns, the embellishments as well as the idea of making a ladybird for a card challenge. Pleased with myself again :)
* * *

Greeting card made for my bf's nan for her 100th birthday - an opportunity of a lifetime. Proper regal features and making a card with the union jack layout for the first time. Very pleased and proud of myself :)

Back to folklore. Really like this cheery card with butterflies. Gorgeous stamps from Basic Grey and a scrapbooking paper from GoScrap.

Cross stitched card for a colleague's newborn baby - takes a hell of a time to make it but once it's done, it really pleases your eyes :) Love the xxx stitch, lace and the gingham features.

My first steps in the crochet world - nothing much, just a simple bowl made from a random yarn, yet, something more advanced than a simple crocheted flower ;) Need to explore crochet more in the future.

My first Christmas cards - OMG! Can't believe I started so early! A proof I adore making Nordic festive cards :)
* * *

Little cross stitched notelets - quick and fun to make plus I loved the designs.

Really enjoyed making this collection of cards. Very pleased how they turned out. 

Spent a lot of time stitching this poppy due to the various shades in the pattern. Loved the card when all done and mounted. 

Forest animals are charming. Really enjoyed stitching this little cute fella...

... and so did this one!

Inspired by the stitched forest animals, I had to make this card using a fox stamp from Simon Says.

More Christmas cards! Exploring the new colour combinations. 

* * *

Kept my eye on these cards for a long time. Finally got round to make them. My first hand paper-cutting ever. Very pleased and love the Scandinavian designs a lot. Would love to try more in the future once I get a proper rotating scalpel :)

Fancied something romantic/floral and folky at the same time. Great design from Eline Pellinkhof.

A hot tropical parrot bookmark for hot days :) Cute and colourful. Love the chevrons <<<< >>>>

Dala - the iconic Swedish horse. Love those stamps and like how the cards turned out.

* * *
My favourite cards made in September:

* * *

Break :)

* * *

Coming back to festive card making...

Loved the whiteness and the embossed "jumper" on this card. One of my biggest favourites this year. Would love to make more of this type in the next year :)

Decorative bands with reindeer - simple idea for a nice card :) Will try with different colours next year :)

* * *

Lots of Scandinavian redness this month. Selected favourites:

Reindeer - always my favourite. Loved adding the hand made stitches.

Great cutting dies from Marianne Designs. Enjoyed making these a lot. 

My favourite stamp set - Nordic Winter from A Muse Studio and gorgeous scrapbooking papers from Papermania - series: Home for Christmas. Loved making this card.

Vintage Scandinavian. Nisse (gnomes), holly and cosy jumpers ;)

Loving this red folky horse. Pleasure to stitch and looks very effective. WIP. To be finished soon!

Gingerbreads - always my favourite no matter what shape :) Decorating was fun too.

Well, this is it. This is what I created in 2013. Now, what I'd like to do more in 2014:

- bust that pile of UFOs that collected over time in my cupboards (priority!)
- go back to glass painting - I really miss it
- find more time to practise my crochet skills and finally be able to make my own granny squares
-brush up on my knitting skills and explore more techniques, try my hand at socks and mittens

Something new:
- would love to try embroidery on paper - a new card making technique

Thanks you for visiting my blog and comments x X x


  1. What incredible talents you have for crafting!! The cards are all outstanding and amazing, and the needlepoint and knitting projects just blew me away - but those cookies just floored me! You have quite the steady hand and such patience to decorate them all so perfectly! Well done on all, and a very happy 2014!

  2. Now that is a great year. How fun to see everything all together. Can't wait to see what you come up with in 2014. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Martha,
    what a wonderful review :O)
    Wishing you all the Best and lots os time for more creative new things! looking forword to those :O)))
    Happy New Year to you!

  4. what a creative person You are :) good luck with 2014 plans :)

  5. Wow you have been very busy crafting this year and catching up on your blogging of late!! You definately had a nordic vibe going this year Martha, I wonder if you will continue this year or if something else will catch your imagination - I guess that we will have to wait and see! Looking forward to seeing what this year of craft brings your way. xx

  6. Hello Martha, I am in awe of your many wonderful talents. The Easter Eggs (knittting) and cross stitch are stunning and must be time consuming, and I absolutely love your Nordic cards.

  7. Happy new year! You certainly made some lovely things in 2013.
    Marianne x

  8. Love your crochet bowl…you definitely need to explore more!!

  9. Hi Martha,
    I really enjoyed looking at your crafts of the year and was so impressed with the variety of things you make. I LOVED your knotted Easter eggs and the cookies look wonderful without mentioning all the great cards! Good luck for 2014.


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