Monday, 27 January 2014

Christmas cards 2013 (15) - Leftovers - Santas

Hi all. Again a few weeks of blog silence. This is due to some unforeseen circumstances. January 2014 turned out to be a horrible start into the New Year. The list opens with the 2 cats ill with the cat flu, costly vet treatments, my broken tooth filling and frequent trips to the dentist. Also, we have had the members of the bf's family hospitalized because of their age and condition, two distant relatives died and one person, a very close and dear to us, has been diagnosed with a progressive terminal illness. This was a very upsetting and devastating news for us. It has obviously put me off blogging and crafting too. I'm trying to take it all in and process this new situation inside me but it's very hard. Unfortunately the world doesn't stop just for us and our miseries and the show must go on. What can we do? Just to be strong, supportive and make sure each day is lived out to the full and treated as a bonus 'cause you never know what's round the corner... and let's not waste time anymore. I'm really waiting for some brightier, sunnier days...

Blogging backlog, as usual. I still got some xmas stuff I have never shown on my blog. Sorry this is way out of date. Just a quick look at the last batches of my festive cards, if you're not bored yet.

I really enjoyed myself making these cards. Stamped background, tartan patterns, vintage santas...

And how has your start into the New Year been? Hope you are all ok and happy. x X x


  1. I am so sorry that you have had such a grotty start to the year. I hope that things will improve and that the rest of the year will get better for you. Glad to see you back again with us though. Take care of yourself, and I really do hope that things will improve. xx

  2. Hi Martha,
    oh, you already have cards for the next Christmas...great :O)))
    The new year started well, as the old one ended :O)
    Have a lovely week,
    P.S. Did you think about the embroidered Patterns for your new cards?

  3. I am so sorry to hear about the horrible start to your year, and hope things will improve. Beautiful Christmas cards with stunning images.

  4. Te słoneczne dni przyjdą, może nawet razem z wiosną. Będę trzymała kciuki, żeby było lepiej, lżej na sercu!

  5. What a lot to bear! Your cards are beautiful and always a joy to see.


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