Thursday, 26 December 2013

Glögging and blogging

Hi. How's everyone? Hope you're all blissful and enjoying your festivities. With everything being tidied up, cooked and prepared it's time for Christmas coziness. I've been celebrating today with cozy throws, hot cups of tea, candles, coffee, cakes and books/telly and now...time for glögging and blogging. 
I adore spiced aromatic mulled wine and you? I made sure this year we have enough bottles of mulled wine to keep us going through the Christmas days. A packet of spices, cloves and oranges have been bought too. In the past, back in my country, me and my friend used to go out to pubs in the cold wintry evenings and treat ourselves to a glass of hot glögg. Heavily spiced, heated up, giving away a strong aroma, it rushed up quickly to our heads and circulated in our bloodstream making us feel snug and snoozy. Aaah, the old good days!

Today I still continue with the mulled wine tradition on my own :) For this reason I treated myself to a genuinely Scandinavian mulled wine pot with a tealight warmer, ladle and a set of mulled wine glasses from Sagaform. I'm truly relishing these accessories now. 
A couple of more photos of the Christmas decor. I'm into red berries this year a lot. Anything red and frosty. Candles and potpourri reign at my house this Christmas too. 

This year we've had such abundance of Christmas decorations that we let the Scandi spirit spill a bit to other parts of the house and we decorated the rooms downstairs for bf's grandfather too. He doesn't bother much with any Christmas decor at all so our little Christmas tree has been moved downstairs for him to enjoy. I also put up a lovely Nordic Merry Christmas bunting for him and some candles and lights. Something different for a change this year :) His wife is at the hospital right now so he must feel a bit lonely and down without her being around. 

Berry nice! ;) Happy Christmas everyone! x X x


  1. Hi Marta,
    what a lovely post :O)
    Love the frosted nature pictures! So you had Chrismats feelings, with Frost, and Glögg and blogging :O)))
    Honestly, I did not have a lot Christmas feelings, it was mild and rainy......
    so I am happy, those days are gone .....;O)
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Love and hugs
    P.S. I like Glögg too, but only, if we have really cold and snow ;O)))))

    1. Thank you Claudia. I also love frost in the photos.
      Weatherwise, Britain hasn't had any snow yet. It is expected around February-March, apparently.
      Hope you have had a good Christmas time. x

  2. gløgg jest dobry na wszystko! Zwłaszcza na świąteczne obżarstwo! Wesołych świąt, trochę spóźnione życzenia, ale może dzięki temu święta potrwają trochę dłużej!

    1. No pewnie. Grzane winko zawsze dobre zimową porą. Dziękuję za życzenia i odwiedziny.

  3. Everything looks so beautiful. Perfect for the season.


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