Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Cards 2013 (14): Scandinavian Vintage (1) Nisse

I swear I will bore you to death with  my Christmas cards. Sorry my dear blog readers, I'm not done with my festive ones yet LOL  How on earth have I managed to make so many this year? I must have been at the full throttle with my creative mojo. Definitely a proper big production this year.

This time it's a style of cards I've really taken to and I would call it, let's say Scandinavian vintage. Remember this post about my stamp printed papers? I used then my "jumper style" stamps to create the  cosy "knitted" backgrounds and I thought they would look good on the vintage type of Christmas cards. 

Scandinavian Nisse (the Norwegian word for gnomes) are the focal point in those cards. Do I have to add that I thoroughly enjoyed myself composing those cards? I have a feeling I'll come back to this style next year with some more vintage images. Those I used come from Pinterest and ultimately they are the images printed on the vintage Scandinavian postcards.

My God Jul stamp from Panduro seemed the be just perfect for this occasion.

A bit unusual Christmassy tones over here - mostly gold and brown and cream - suited to the colours in the picture. As I was making this card, I thought about one of my colleagues who doesn't like traditional Christmas decorations because they bring her bad memories about lost dad and brother. She never sets up any Christmas tree in her house. She was very pleased when she received this card.

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  1. Wonderful Cards again, dear Martha!
    Wihsing you a wonderful Silvester and a happy, lucky and healthy New Year!
    Love and hugs

    P.S. Did you get my email?

    1. Thank you Claudia. Happy and lucky New Year to you too!
      Yes, I did get your email. I'll reply shortly :)

  2. My goodness Martha, with all of these cards to send your postage bill must have been enormous! Lovely though for all those who received them! Happy New Year!! xx

    1. You're not far from the truth Amy. I do send a lot of cards at seasonal holidays with many sent abroad too and the postage bill can be high indeed. I also give away a lot at work and within the family so normally most of card just dissolves quickly :)

      perhaps we should organize a card exchange next year :)

  3. I LOVE looking at your cards. These are super sweet with the gnome pictures and beautifully composed.

    1. Thank you Lori! You're my most faithful blog reader and commentator. I really appreciate your visits. x


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