Thursday, 20 June 2013

Double Dutch

Yesterday I made two Dutch-style cards for a card challenge on one of the Polish blogs. I had two go's at it.
The first card has got 3 embossed tulips - the most well known floral symbol of Holland in red and blue. There was a restriction on how many colours you could use - the colours of the Dutch flag: red, white and blue and you could also use black but I didn't in the end. The backing paper from Papermania is supposed to remind you of the famous Dutch porecelain from Delft :)

I wasn't entirely happy how this card turned out so I made another one.. :) Again, a stamped and heat-embossed folky image, which in my opinion, is very Dutchy in style. Plus the punched tulips and tulips heads as embellishment. :) I was much happier with this card :)

And 2 cards, side by side:

The cards don't have any wording on them - that's on purpose. I wanted them to be just greeting cards for any occasion, really, e.g. to say thank-you or say "sorry" or simply just to communicate anything you want. 

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your love :) Much appreciated and I love hearing from you and meeting you. Have a good evening! x x


  1. Lovely. I enjoy challenges. It's interesting to see what comes out of the limitations.

  2. Hi Martha,
    wonderful Dutch cards :O)
    Wishing you a lovely and wonderful weekend!
    Hugs to you,


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