Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cross Stitch Buddies and a Stamped Cross Stitch Card

Life and job can be sometimes hard and frustrating for some of us and we all need a moment of sweetneness in our lives to keep us going. Therefore not long ago, as I was shopping online, I came across some nice mugs with a cross stitch design on them and I thought it would be a good idea to get one for myself and my cross stitching colleague Andrea just to make her smile and have something to treasure :) Cross stitch pattern, real or printed has been very trendy recently and the mugs will make a nice gadget for a cross stitcher :) Don't we all appreciate those precious crafting moments with a cuppa next to our side, be it tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

So I got these:

...and this one extra ;) Coz I'm feeling crafty all the time ;) I also like the red white and black cartoony characters on it.

For my colleague I got a personalized one with her name! Was so chuffed to be able to find one! And found one with my name too! :) Bliss.

Now, we are cross stitching Buddies :)

I also made her a little card with cross stitch motifs to complete the gift :) The border cross stitch heart is a lovely stamp from Noolibird and the big cross stitch heart heat-embossed in white comes from a stamp set from Viva Decor. The cute band-aid stamp is a retired A Muse Studio stamp and so is the mug stamp inside the card. 

I really enjoyed making this gift :) It was well received. I'm happy.
Have a good evening everyone. x x


  1. I imagine she loved it. Personalized in every possible way. Lovely.

  2. Good morning Martha,
    wonderful card and mugs :O)
    Have a happy day,
    big hugs

  3. Hi Martha, I am from Guatemala, I found you because I was looking for something special homemade for Christmas, I love cross stitch and the things you do are amazing, I am happy I found your blog.


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