Friday, 22 March 2013

Stitched on wood

Hi all. Took a short break from knitting and card making and quickly cross stitched this lovely freebie from the newest issue of Cross Stitcher :) A keyring with a vintage rose design.

Always wondered what it would be like to cross stitch on other materials than canvas. Well, now I know :)
To tell the truth, I doubt it will be my favourite technique as stitching on a piece of perforated wood is... well, more rigid, the knots are harder to make and sometime you struggle to push the needle through as you stitch in 4 strands of cotton. But the overall effect is nice and it's worth aching a bit to have this nice design :)

I may present my mum with this stitched bit. She loves roses.
In the meantime, relaxed lazy knitting... 3 "eggs shells" waiting for ironing and stuffing...

and the next one is on the needles...

*  *  *  *
Today a heavy winter snowfall hit the Great Britain again. Large areas of the UK are snowbound, schools are closed, streets are empty and people stay in. Basically, today is cancelled. I'm off work today and it's my bonus day to add to the whole school Easter holidays :) I have a feeling it's going to be a crafty day :D
This is what it looks like from my window today:

and the doorstep! poor budding daffs!

Seriously, it's 22nd March today - officially the calendar spring - is this weather some kind of a joke? If yes, then the Weather Gods must be having a laugh!
I do long for something sunny and warm and I bet most of us do so here's a cheery pic for you, with a supa cute ladybird :) just to keep you going through that cold weather.

Roll on Spring! And please, hurry up! ;)
*  *  *  *

Welcome my new blog readers! :)


  1. Martha, I have to admit that all that snow is plain discouraging! Once Spring rolls around and April nears, nobody wants to look at a whole bunch of heavy snow and the boots and mittens that have to be worn yet again! I hope the UK will move out of the winter pattern and start melting that snow so the daffodils can come up and the ground can begin to thaw and green. In the meantime, those knitted eggs are just beautiful! I love all the colors that you are using.

    Winnie from Flordia

    1. Hi Winnie. thank you for your comment. Lovely to have you coming here and leaving a word or two behind :)

      we've already had a brief period of warm and sunny weather, got spoilt by it (I already managed to get in the Eastery mood) then we were suddnely robbed of this springy weather by the last night heavy snowfall. I had plans for going out this weekend and shopping for some Easter foods as well as go on the search for some branches for my decorations and now with this deep snow the plans are busted. But at least the schools broke up now so I can enjoy my freedom and unlimited crafting :)

  2. Oh wow! A snow storm! Do you get many of those where you are? We didnt get a very good snow this year...or the year before. Try to enjoy the downtown and cuddle up with some good knitting! Looks like that's already your plan :) Happy designing!

    And love that rose stitching! How pretty! Perfect spring colors~

  3. Hi Martha,
    first I want to say Welcome as my new follower :O) Glad to have you there and thank you so much for all your kind comments and tips and ideas to give my cards a better look :O) I will think about, when I do the next cards :O) Your cards are georgeous with all the nice details!
    Thank you also for your so kind words to the Tulip Table Runner! If you would like to get one, tell me the size and I would make one for you :O)
    Will tell you more about all this in a privat Email ;O)
    Have a lovely afternoon,
    hugs to you,
    will keep in touch too :O)


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