Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day Cards

Time to celebrate Mother's Day. Took a break from making Easter cards to create these two earlier this weekend.
My mum celebrates her Mother's Day on the 26th May :) so she will have to wait for her card  until May but bf's mum and gran have celebrated today. The cards and flowers were well received.

I like to stamp the cards also inside for some hand-made stamped look :)

Both cards together :)

Hand-made Monday time! Do join in and have fun bloghopping around some lovely creative blogs.


  1. I like the curly leaf cut outs on the card on the right. The little blue bird is sweet. Have a great crafting week!

  2. Oh wow these are very special cards! I absolutely love the little framed blue bird on the one on the left, and the yellow and lavender colours of the one on the right are such a cheery combo! x

    1. thank you.
      now that i look at this green card, i cant help feeling that ive overdone it a bit with the leaves :) anyway, too late now, the card is gone :)

  3. Theses are beautiful cards! My Mom would have loved the one with the blue bird best. I would love to see your craft room with all of your card making supplies. It must be amazing!!

  4. Thank you Winnie for your comment and also for visiting my blogs and leaving kind words. I'd love to visit you back but I cant seem to find your blog.

    as for my craft room, hmmm, at the moment the lounge seems to function as my craftroom so you can imagine THE MESS :p I'm still dreaming of my own craftroom when all my stuff would be nicely laid out on shelves :) now, it's a bit boring - mostly boxes on boxes on boxes... Could call it... tetris, really LOL x x

  5. Both are lovely cards.I like the stamping on the inside. I always forget to do anything with the insides of mine!

  6. The card with the little blue bird is my favourite. I like the leaf design cut outs too.
    Wendy x

  7. What lovely bright colours you have chosen. Perfect for cheering Mums up on the dreary day that appeared on Sunday. I really like the contrasting textures too.

  8. Awww they're lovely! I'm sure they appreciated them and the effort you'd put in :-) Simmi x

  9. Love the bird card...gorgeous x


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