Sunday, 17 March 2013

More Easter cards

I'm still in the card making mode :) having a play with my new scrapbooking papers, stamps and other toys :)
Finally I had a chance to use my lovely folky papers from GoScrap for the first time and this card has come out:

I'm hoping to make more folksy cards like this soon!
Another simple card with folky stamps (from Noolibird) and with a stamped jumper-patterned background (The Waltzing Mouse stamps).

 And a long card with an Inca stamp - Frolicking sheep :) Really like this image <3

All 3 cards together :)

*  *  *  *

I've gone totally Martha Stewart crazy recently. I'm in love with her punches. Another gorgeous designs  have recently enlarged my MS collection:
The embossing / cutting Zig zag - been wanting this one for a long time, will look good with various folky designs. The pansies are so cute that I had to have them for this spring/summer season. Oh, and the famous collection of Martha Stewart snowflake punches every crafter desires to have. Can't have the Double Scandinavian Snowflake punch (sadly, to the disappointment of crafters, it's been discountinued and not on sale any more) but at least I can have the Himalayan snowflake instead. Will look fab on my future Nordic Christmas cards :)


  1. świetne te dziurkacze, jak patrzę na takie bajery, to aż chce mi się wrócić do papieru:D. Nie mogę się doczekać gwiazdki na Twoim blogu:D, ale najpierw pozwólmy przyjść wiośnie:D

    1. dzięki za odwiedziny :)
      ja równiez nie mogę doczekać się gwiazdki :)))) kiedy to wszelkie zimowo-skandynawskie tematy pójdą w ruch. kto wie, może zacznę już bawić się w zimowe karteczki w wakacje :)


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