Sunday, 24 February 2013

Easter cards (3): More Nordic Spring theme.

Another batch of Easter cards made by me with my top theme - Nordic Spring. They are stamped, inked, shaded with chalks and fun to make. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
The stamps I've used are a combination of stamps from: The Waltzing Mouse - Nordic Spring, Noolibird, Lemonade Stamps, W plus 9 Designs.

And all cards together:

Quite pleased with them. My favourite card in this batch is the onewith the bunnies hopping over the tulips :)
Hand-made Monday time! I'm sailing off to the Hand-made Harbour to see what other crafters have made this week.


  1. Love all of these! You have some amazing stamps and i love the bright colours that you choose :)

    My absolute fav this week is the little hopping bunnies, they're just adorable! x

  2. Hi Martha, I love the bunny card! What a cute idea. You have been busy this week creating these lovely cards. Take care, Pat

  3. Easter aaarrgghhh - haven't got Mothering Sunday sorted yet.. Love the cards especially the bunny and tulips one - Sue

  4. I love them all, but the bunnies are so cute so I think I love them the best!

  5. These cards are great. Think I agree that the bunnies are the best :-)

  6. I just love these new cards with the Nordic theme. Gorgeous!! It is hard for me to select one favorite over another as they are all so pretty. I was reading your response to the blog post over at AudreyEclectic about the polish tradition of blessing the baskets of bread and handmade goodies for the Easter feast. Such a lovely tradition and I bet it was a beautiful sight to see all of the baskets full and waiting a blessing!

  7. They're all lovely but I have a soft spot for the bunnies.

  8. Gorgeous stamps and beautiful colours - so cheerful. Not sure I can choose a favourite as they are all so lovely.


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