Saturday, 2 February 2013

2 Cards

Made two cards recently. One went as a congratulation-wedding card with my bf to his workplace. For a Pl-British couple. I'm not a big fan of traditional white/gold sacramental-themed cards hence a bit different look at the wedding -  the patchwork theme, coordinated papers, gentle colours (not sure if the photo really shows that). Wonky sewing machine stitches on purpose, in case someone wondered ;)

A birthday card for a lovely lady in Pl. She's a dressmaker hence the sewing theme, especially for her. I used the sewing-themed stamps from the Cardmaking magazine shown in the previous post :) Hope she likes it. 

More cards on the way. Working on Easter cards at the moment :)


  1. Love the cards marta...they're fab and very original.:-)

  2. Gorgeous cards marta...they're fab and very original.x:-)

    1. thank you hun! x x
      I tried my best :)


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