Saturday, 9 February 2013

Arne & Carlos "Knit and Crochet Garden" - new book on its way

Hi all. Today some news from the knitting world :)
Arne and Carlos - a now well-known pair of knitwear designers from Scandinavia have got another surprise up their sleeves for their fans - their new knitting book will be released this year! Woohoo! It's a new theme, this time and it's going to be garden full of flowers, picnics and summer flair - lovely! Also this time Arne and Carlos will be trying to convince us not only to take up knitting but also crocheting and cross stitching. Great idea for summer days!

The book will be released in Norwegian first (scheduled date 20th Feb) then in other languages subsequently throughout the whole year. According to the news from A & C's facebook page - the English version of the book is expected to hit the shops in September (a little late for summer hols but just in time for Indian summer!;)). 
The cover of the Norwegian / Danish version of the book will look like this:
The Finnish cover will be somewhat different, but also nice :) and the Finnish edition is scheduled for 1st March.
Arne and Carlos let us have a peek into their book:
Just look at those curious picnicking characters...

There will be also some cute knits to make - I  love this knitted pouch with a Nordic design! Can't wait to have this book!

The Norwegian publisher - Cappelen Damm also lets us have a peek into A&C's book in form of a small pdf file, click HERE. This is what they say about the book:

Another amazing book by Arne & Carlos, HÅNDARBEID FRA HAGEN (CRAFT FROM THE GARDEN), will be out in February. Now they have been inspired by their own wonderful garden. You can make butterflies and flowers to use under a hot boiler or to sit on – or make a lovely rug. Rights have been sold to the Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, USA and UK, and we are currently negotiating with the other publishers of JULEKULER (CHRISTMAS BALLS).

The shapes and colors inspired by the flowers in Arne and Carlo’s garden are turned into simple and more advanced projects.

Rights have been sold to the US, the UK, the Netherlands and Iceland, and we are currently negotiating with the other publishers of JULEKULER (CHRISTMAS BALLS).
The first book by Arne & Carlos, JULEKULER, has been published in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Sweden, UK and USA.

I've also discovered that Arne and Carlos set up their own blog! -if you want to know what they are up to,

*source info: all photos and information about the published books I used in this post come originally  from the facebook page of A&C

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