Saturday, 17 November 2012


Last week the Amazon shop made my day - they had emailed me about the new book of Arne and Carlos being on pre-order and released sooner than I expected. I was delighted at the opportunity of not having to wait until February 2013 for the English version of "the Easter project book". A few days later this fabulous book arrived at my doorstep! Woohooo! So long and impatiently awaited and finally mine! 
Voile! Easter Knits. Eggs, Bunnies and Chicks - with a fabulous twist by Arne & Carlos - famous Scandinavian knitwear designers and authors of knitted balls. 


And this is what you can find inside the book - knitted Easter balls, eggs, bunnies, cosies and chicks. All fresh, vibrant with colours and bringing freshness and joy to your spring house. I shall surely be knitting those Easter balls and eggs away as soon as the Christmas season is over :))) Can't wait!!!

Oh! I can't wait to knit those eggs!

Isn't that tree with Easter balls and eggs great? :)

On the Christmas frontline - I'm obviously working on my next few Christmas balls and the Nordic stocking sampler. A new line of cross stitch has been added - the line with the birds ...

... and I started to stitch the new line of Christmas trees.

Now, the bottom part of the stocking is starting to emerge.. Still plenty to go!

Back to my knitting. Hope your weekend is going well. x x x

ps. Welcome my new likers :)


  1. How fun! I love how creative these seasonal knit balls are, there seems to be one for each season! These books look fun too!~
    Love your christmas stitching! So, so pretty! And so very Swedish, which you know I love!~

    1. Yes, aren't they great! Been waiting for this book to come out so much!

  2. Hi Martha,
    Arne & Carlos's books are so full of creavity and joy, that you simply have to make the balls and eggs and dolls! Enjoy you new book and have a wonderful sunday!

    Cathrine :)

    1. Oh yes! They are! I buy every book of Arne and Carlos and build up a collection. Would love to knit everything they show in their books. I think the dolls will have to wait until I have got some practice with eggs and bunnies.


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