Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas Shop in Pen-y-Lan

My last weekend was fab. For the 1st time I had been participating in the Christmas Shop sales in Pen-y-Lan (see the earlier post). The whole selling-buying machinery started on Friday with the opening, mulled wine and carolers but it was last Saturday morning when I and my other better half turned up in person there. On a chilly Saturday morning we were greeted by a line of cars trailing a long way away from the place where the shop was set up. ("Look! Everybody's queuing to buy your stuff!" - my bf loves to tease me :D I did hope so!)
The big marquee was set up additionally to a small room in a building where the crafts were displayed.


Inside there was a big array of hand-made artefacts of all sorts from over 30 local crafters in North Wales.  18 of my own items went on sale there. A few sold. Good :)
There were also the tables tops and chairs to sit and have a sip of tea or coffee and munch the mincemeat pies.


I loved all the decorations - perfect for Christmas gifts and the displays were good too. The idea was: the items for sale were all mixed together so I was finding my stuff being displayed in all corners but this makes the whole thing a lot more interesting. You never know what you may find on shelves round the corner. 
I loved that tree with ceramic decorations. The two white ceramic birds came home with me :)

I just loved this folksy jug. Sadly, this one wasn't for sale.

Found my painted glass among the other items too! :)

... and spotted some of my seasonal pictures and votives ...inside the display room


There were lots of chunky wooden ornaments - reindeer, star, Christmas trees, birds, angels and votives. The stock from that crafter must have been massive as it outnumbered all the others.

The display room had some hanging decorations with Christmas lights and some metal / glass clanging items...

In the middle - the table with more stuff displayed and walked around by customers...

I absolutely adored those machine-sewn purses and pouches with the woodlife. Soft, cosy and tweedy foxes, squirrels and owls...  just right for this time of year :)

This cute purse with the cat in red hat has been mine now! Just couldn't leave without one!

The boss being busy at the till :) Nice when the money flows and customers leave happy.

The event proved to be a success and received a lot of public attention. Apparently it has been the 3rd one and the biggest one so far. Let's hope Lisa, the boss, will keep it up in the future. Would love to see more of these.


  1. Oh wow! This looks so fun! A regular crafty wonderland! I like the idea of mixing all the crafts together, then its like a real shop! And you also get to enjoy the event and not have to stand and man a booth. Congrats on your sales! And happy that you'll be in the St. Lucia procession!

    1. Yes, it was good. I really liked it. I think lots of people like the idea of mixing craft items :) perhaps it works in terms of marketing :)

  2. I want every single one of those wooden items!

    This looks and sounds FAB! So jealous.

    1. I liked a lot too!
      Thanks for dropping by x


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