Saturday, 24 November 2012

Perhaps you should know...

Got a couple of things to share so...
...perhaps you should know that...

Calling all Scandi-lovers!
Audrey Eclectic has come up with a great idea of celebrating St. Lucia Day on her blog by hosting a blog hopping party where all the participants will be blogging about their Scandinavian crafts, makes, food, interests, likings etc. on 13th December - St Lucia Day. Everything revolves around the Scandi theme so all things Swedish and all things Scandinavian are welcome.

If you are also obsessing about the Scandi culture, let Heather know by commenting here - under this post - and spread the word. We are hoping for a looooong St Lucia blog procession :))) I am already getting excited and planning what to feature on that day! Thanks Heather for hosting this blog party. x x

* * *

Nula from has liked my cards featuring her stamps and featured the photos of my cards on her website blog. I wrote a short testimonial for her :) Big fan of Noolibird designs.
Pleasure to be featured on her commercial website.
Thanks Nula!

Check out her website - the stamps designs are fabulous! You will fall in love with them.

* * *

Just wanted to invite you to my Pinterest world. My all Pinterest boards are HERE
However, if you are a Scandi-chic lover, here is my Scandinavia board, full of inspirational photos, tutorials and links, with over 700 pins.
Do join in! :)

* * *

I run a "I <3 Nordic" group on facebook. It's full of photos, cross stitch charts, knitting patterns, links and crafty ideas. We build the group together and everybody is welcome with their contributions. It generally revolves around Scandinavia but the topic is wide so we also post about vikings, Scandi design, Scandinavian celebs etc. The group is closed so if you want to join just send in a request and I'll approve you. We speak Polish in the group but don't be put off by the foreign language, most of us can speak/write in English so you will be welcome. 

Have a good weekend everyone! 

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning the St. Lucia procession! I'm looking forward to it too!! Should be lots of fun :D Oh, and I made a request to join your Nordic grouP! Sounds fun!


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