Saturday, 28 February 2015

Scandi-style knitted bags (2)

Hi all. Hope you are enjoying your weekend :) I'm trying to catch up with my long overdue blog posts so here is another one, this time about the knitted bags I made last autumn. 
Perhaps you remember these - my first ever 3 knitted pouches from Arne and Carlos crochet / knitting book. I found them very enjoyable to knit so I made some more! Floral theme is definitely my favourite and I just fancied seeing some colourful patterns on them. 
I tend to knit the bags in threes then take a break and move onto something else as I get bored easily and need frequent changes in my crafting. This time I made 3 floral ones and one extra pouch using my own pattern and colours. I was very pleased with how they turned out. 

I used various types of yarns to knit them - Vipe from Dalegarn (mercerized cotton), DMC Natura (DK Cotton), Sublime Egyptian cotton and a mercerized cotton yarn called Wendy. They all give slightly different textures and thicknesses. I like to see these knitted pouches in various colour combinations. 

DMC Natura cotton seems to be working really well for these kind of knitted bags. The thinner yarn, the better because as it always happens in colourwork, the thickness doubles depending how many colours are used in the pattern and it's just nice when a bag is nice and flowing rather than overly thick and puffed up from the yarn. 
For the knitted bag below I used the well know Marius pattern and combined it with my own colours. Sort of wintery hues. The Ivory shade of DMC Natura looks so ... natural here and I like how it combines the with ashy blue shade.

My mum ordered some of the pouches and some have already been sent home. They have so many uses. You can store anything you like in them.

There is always a dilemma for me: should I crochet a string for the pouch or just use a ribbon. Actually I like both ideas so I do a bit of both. 

These seashells in the photos make me really want to go to a seaside now! :)

In the meantime a new knitted pouch is coming on on my needles. To be seen soon on my blog! :)

Have a great weekend and enjoy your crafty time. 
Thank you for your comments and feedback. 
Martha x x x


  1. Dear Martha,
    thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Now I have to look at you the same times. Beautiful knitting bag you've knitted ... they are very handy for many things.


  2. Hi Martha,
    those bags are georgeous!
    I am so glad you are back with your wonderful hdancrafts!
    Have a lovely evening and a happy crestive new week!
    Love and hugs

  3. Your pouches look gorgeous. They look lovely with both ribbon and crochet ties, I wouldn't be able to pick.
    Lovely to see your back.
    Ali xx

  4. Dear Martha,
    your knitted bags are gorgeous!!! You know how much I like them. They are really beautiful!

    Kind regards,

  5. Thank you for popping over to my blog and commenting on the Easter knitted balls. But I love these pouches. As soon as I have time these are on my to do list. Just lovely

  6. Just rememberec about these pouches as soon as I had written my comment to you in your latest post. Must write it diwn somewhere that I want to make these. I just love them Martha x


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