Saturday, 21 February 2015

Christmas Cards of 2014

Hi all. I'm alive but still struggling to find more time for blogging but hey, here I am here today with some more crafty news. I know, I know it's way past Christmas and most of us are already thinking of Easter days but I still wanted to show you my festive cross stitched cards into which I  had put lots of time and effort so it would be shame not to mention them. 
So here they are. Ta Dah!

A set of 6 Christmas cross stitched cards. Patterns for the motifs come from an archival issue of Cross Stitch Cardshop, issue no. 81. I liked these as soon as I saw them and knew I'd have to stitch them one day.

It takes at least 6-8 hrs to stitch a single motif. There are satin and metallic threads in them too. They give  those nice shiny light effects. Buttons add an extra dimension too. A few close-ups:

I think the Christmas tree with tiny cute buttons is my favourite in this card collection :) I may feel tempted to stitch this motif again sometime.

The elf boots are sweet too, I think.

All in all it has taken me 2 years to finish these cards. I lost my motivation and patience half way through and came back to finish them off 2 Christmases later. I'm very pleased how they turned out.

I obviously couldn't resist embellishing the aperture cards as well. Not too much though otherwise the embellishments would overshadow the cross stitch itself.

And this is what they looked like when put on my still festive window. They look quite good as a group, don't you think? :)

In the meantime I couldn't stop myself from starting another big project - a gorgeous Christmas sampler. This one will be stitched throughout the whole year and hopefully finished by Christmas 2015. 

The canvas is navy which means stitching this piece of work requires a great deal of sunlight and I can only stitch it while I'm sitting in my conservatory without risking an eyestrain. Too cold at the moment but it will be more pleasant later in the year and I'm really looking forward to see how this sampler is coming on. The pattern requires a lot of Anchor Reflecta metallic thread so I predict some battles with fraying threads. The stitching with metallic threads is slow but the design is stunning so eventually it will be worth all the effort. 

Currently I'm busing myself with knitting some Easter bunnies as gifts and a bit of crochet too. I'm thinking of trying some new projects, some being a little out of my comfort zone. Lots in plans, just need to stretch my day a bit... by a few hours at least ;)

Hope you are all ok and thanks for stopping by here x x 


  1. Dear Martha,

    your Christmas Cards, are beautiful, so verx nice!

    Greetings from Gemrany,

    1. Hi Klaudia. Nice to hear from you again. Thank you for your comment x x

  2. Hello Martha

    It's wonderful to see you blogging again. Beautiful Christmas cards with amazing designs, they look gorgeous on your window sill, the added embellishments are the perfect finishing touch.

    When my crochet blanket is finished I am starting to cross stitch.


    1. Hi Irene. So nice to hear you have decided to cross stitch. You will be my new stitching buddy :)
      Looking forward to seeing your stitches too! xx

  3. Hi Martha,
    so nice to have you back here again!
    Your new Cards are georgeous! Well, we never can start early enough ;O)))
    Have a lovely evening and a happy new week!

  4. Hallo Martha!
    After Christmas is before Chrismas!!! I like your cards. I´m pleases to see you blogging again.

    Greetings from Gemrany,

  5. Die Karten sehen wunderschön aus Martha. I love it!!

    Greetings from Germany,

  6. Just love your cards,
    beautifull work :)


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