Sunday, 16 March 2014

More Boodles yarn and a knitting magazine review

Encouraged by the recently crocheted basket and my new chunky crochet experience I decided to get myself some new Boodles yarns. Hobbycraft is doing 3 for 2 deal right now so I've bought 3 new shades for the price of 2 :) 

For the not-so-distant future I'm planning a crocheted Easter basket for my knitted eggs in sunny yellow with a white finish. Think the knitted and crocheted textures will look good together. 100% hand-made! - and that's what we are aiming for :)

I've recently taken to some knitting magazines. I'm not a regular buyer but I'd like one on and off  :) This one was spotted at Tesco - a Sunday treat to myself. I usually don't bother with a magazine reviews on my blog but I think this one is well worth attention.
The current Simply Knitting issue is loaded with freebies and lovely projects.

I adore this gorgeous knitted Gnome. I'm really amazed how cleverly those knitted parts can be combined and shaped. Far too advanced for me to knit right now but it definitely goes on my (never-ending!!!) to-do list :)

The freebies for this issue of SK (in addition to the gnome pattern mentioned above) is a chart for some sweet knitted Easter eggs and a set of bamboo needles to knit them. I've never knitted any balls or eggs using single pointed "flat" needles. Those I have knitted so far have been made only with double pointed needles and I'm used to this method but I'd like to learn more and have a go a this flate way of knitting round things. It will involve sewing up the seams though. 

This is the full cover of SK. Really attractive to a knitter's eye :) Must admit the editors did their best :) I love when a magazine is like that.

Full of inspirations for March

Below a few projects from the mag that caught my eye. Have a peek.

I'm not a big fan of baby theme as such esp. of anything oversweet like stereotypical pink and blue baby stuff with excessive frills and embellishments but every so often I like something I'd like to make. This baby onesie is so cute. Love the knitted pattern, the yarn, the colours, the intarsia-knitted fox. So pretty! :)

Lovely pullover with a sunny collar finish. I wouldn't say "no" to this one for sure!

This forest green hooded coat has simply stolen my heart. So pretty! Would love to be able to knit one sometime.

Some house makeover projects. Very trendy lacy theme! I love it, especially how the the glassy vase and the lamp shade look.

And finally something I like best - small projects :)

How pretty this fair isle tea cosy is! An absolutely stunning pattern.

And how do you like the pot cosies? They look so good with those terracotta pots. So adorable! Another project to go on my to-do list.

And how about some fair isle coasters to match the tea pot? Just too pretty to stain!

Mug hugs - absolutely stunning! I'VE GOT TO KNIT THESE!

Easter is time for knitting and stitching egg cosies so the mags are full of them.

This is a pretty bag I'd love to have myself. I think the pompoms are a super cheery accent to the whole thing.

I need to learn how to make hats too! My bf keeps losing them. This one below has got some nice ribbing and would look good both in a male and female version.

And finally the magazine features some lovely yarn bowls - something I've been dreaming about to have. I'm dreaming of a ceramic knitting bowl. Etsy website has got many offers. Unfortunately they can be quite costly so my buy will have to wait a bit longer, I guess.

So that will be it for the shopping news. Hope you all have had a good chilling weekend. Thank you for your visits and comments. x X x


  1. I'm playing catch-up with my blog reading and what a delight to see your lovely plans for projects. I'm doing nothing other than work, but hopefully "balance" is coming in the future.

  2. where do you buy Boodles Yarn? can't seem to find it :(


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