Sunday, 23 March 2014

Aldi Craft Shopping

Do you like shops which sell cross cultural items from abroad? Lidl and Aldi in Britain are like that. Both stock some continental stuff. Me and my bf like to go there for a browse every Sunday :) For me it's a bit like "going back home" ;) I get to see and buy products I used to have back at home in Pl. Every so often Aldi or Lidl supplies us, crafters, with some nice crafty stuff. Since last week there's been lots of nice knitting stuff in Aldi :) So I bagged some items. Books. Each for only £1.99.  

They are full of knitting projects. I picked some of my favourite ones. The hat-and-glove-and-scarf book has got these:
I love this ribbed hat with a pompom, gorgeous gloves, beaded scarf and of course the fair isle hat.

It is my dream to be able to cable knit in the future. I'm gathering some materials towards that.

The "sock" book has got these:

I absolutely adore these red-and-white baby sock with hearts. They would make a fantastic present for a newborn baby. And so would the tiny cute socks in the gift box. Which mum wouldn't be delighted to receive these?
Naturally, I couldn't overlook this project: the Nordic Christmas stocking - gorgeous!

The "toy" book also has got many attractive projects to try:

Just look at this giant snail!

These little whimsical mice captured my heart! I've got to make them sometime. Perhaps stuff them with some catnip and present my cats with them :)

I also bought this book:

Half of the book is about the techniques of knitting, the other half features some projects :) The one below is one of my faves:

I just love this simple rustic knitted heart - so pretty. The redness is so striking! I also love the cross stitch feature on it. And how about this quirky knitted duet? Kitty and a Sheep? So simple yet so cool. Love the contrasting texutres on them.

Flower appliques anyone?

Or perhaps some cosy mobile phone socks?

Or a gift bag?

Love this messenger bag - the colours are so cheery and positive. It will definitely stand out in the crowd.

And so will this one:

A snake scarf anyone?

And my last treat: a set of sewing threads. This cost peanuts but there is such a great choice of colours in the box!

The weekend is coming to an end now so have a good week everyone!


  1. WOW, so many new Books with nice, what will we see first here? :O))
    Happy sewing and knitting and crotching :O)))

  2. I love Lidl and Aldi, I've had great bargains there and there is such a variety of items, I love your books, such a choice of things to make. I'm sure they will bring you many hours of fun.

    Jan x

  3. Brilliant books Martha. I bought their Crochet books and yarn, and love to browse Aldi or Lidl.

  4. Our local store only had the Sock knitting book left, but it was down to just 99p. The Easter Bunny is popping it in his basket as a gift for my Mum. Thanks for pointing these out x


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