Saturday, 15 February 2014

Crochet jar covers (WIP) and planning Easter projects

With the recent flooding and awful weather sweeping through the British Isles in recent days, I hope you all are ok over there, especially those of you living in the flooded areas of Britain. Here in North Wales, we have had some of that wild wind and driving rain. Some trees fell obstructing roads and impeding traffic, there's been a landslide of a water-sodden hill in my village but apart from that and the excess of rain water we are pretty much safe over here as compared to those whose households have been destroyed by flooding. My heart and thoughts go to those in trouble and distress. I hope this horrible weather stops soon.

In the meantime I've got another project running along. This is my work-in-progress piece: recycled jars covered with colourful crochet sleeves. Simple, easy and quick to make and also a nice idea for crafty storage :) I'm going to store my pens, crochet hooks and some of my knitting needles in them. 

This weekend I'm going to work some more on my spring sampler and possibly grab a crochet hook too! I'm also planning to look through my new and archival issues of cross stitch magazines and choose some Easter projects and order more DMC cotton. 
Yesterday I ordered another Riverdrift House sampler I've kept my eye on:

Clearly I'm longing for some eggs and pastels :) And here's something to make you smile:

Have a nice weekend! X x X


  1. Your new sampler is lovely!! So pretty, and exactly perfect colours for Easter! xx

  2. Hi Martha,
    your Jar covers are lovely!
    How is the weather in your region? I see all the flooded aereas inTV ... horrible...pour people there!
    Have a nice crothing weekend ;O)

  3. Your jar covers look lovely, Martha and will be so useful. Such a beautiful samplet and with gorgeous colours.


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