Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I'm back at my home in the UK and also back from my Christmas travels. So back to blogging as well.
Well, this is the first post in the New Year! So for this year I wish you lots of love, happiness, joy and millions of inspirations :) May it be another prosperous, crafty and lucky year to all of you! 


  1. well, welcome back and happy New Year! Where have you been traveling to?

  2. I flew back home at Christmas - Poland :)

  3. Popped in again and just had to say....your tree is FANTASTIC. Wow, it looks so good with all your Scandinavian creations and ornaments! You're amazing!

    1. Oh! Thank you Heather! I tried my best to finish this project before Christmas :)the tree is truly laden with knitted balls now :)I've always wanted a tree with self-made ornaments in a sorta Scandi style ;)
      Perhaps it's worth writing a post about the Scandinavian designers - Arne and Carlos on "Scandinavian Falk" introducing their books and heritage. I could post the photos of the tree as well as a proof of their Scandinavian designing. Let me know please what you think about it :)


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