Thursday, 17 January 2013

Christmas cards from friends

Sorry, a little more post-Christmas ramble ;) One of the reasons why my last Christmas was good was another big hand-made Christmas card swap I had with my online friends. We do it every year and it's great fun to make festive cards for your mates. Here the hand-made cards I received from my crafty Pl friends and also from Heather from Audrey Eclectic blog.

Thank you guys for such a fab collection of hand-made cards. I appreciate all that time and effort that goes into making them! 

Here, below a few photo collages for you to look at :)

Even now, they remain displayed on my mantelpiece. I love them!

Speaking more of Christmas - I felt I had to share this with you: just look what I found and bought two weeks before Christmas! - a wonderful collection of rubber stamps by Martha Stewart. And the stamp theme - Scandinavian!!!! OMG! I simply had to have them!!! They came all the way from the USA and it took them 3.5 weeks in that postal Christmas rush to come to the UK. They are an absolute eye candy to me and I was so excited when I was opening the box delivered by a courier.

I haven't used them yet - but I'm very keen to do so and make some next Christmas cards!!! Some of the stamps can also be used out of Christmas season too! I got mine directly from Martha Stewart online shop on her website. If you wanna get a set like this for yourselves, hurry up as in most online shops it said these stamps were discontinued! What a shame such fab products disappear so quickly from the market. I'm so lucky to have them!

Thank you very much to all those who left comments on my post about my Christmas tree with knitted A&C balls. Absolute pleasure and joy to read. Thank you very much!
Welcome my new likers! :)

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