Sunday, 9 October 2011

Noel, Noel...

Hi all! It's another Hand-made Monday time and tonight I'm joining in that blog hop. There is plenty to show! You can join too!
As you can see, my fascination with the Scandinavian craft continues. Here, look what I have finally finished!!! - a series of 5 Scandinavian cross stitched cards. The pattern of this Scandinavian christmas tree comes from the book by Joan Elliott "Cross stitich greeting cards. 70 stunning designs". I loved it so much so that I decided to stitch it 5 x, each time in a different colour :)

Red and white are typical Scandinavian christmas colours:

as so are the blue colours...

Icy blue card? Why not!

...or a white one in late night wintery surroundings? :)

I also couldn't resist stitching a card in christmas green! :)

And this is what the cards look like all together

Please, don't ask me how much time I spent on these. I don't know myself but for sure - a lot! :) It took me at least a couple of months or perhaps even more as I always have some other stitching projects running at the same time :) Sampler projects are always time-consuming and painstaking. This stitching marathon was a real test of patience for me as I never ever stitch the same thing twice, not to mention 5 times! :) But I loved this design sooo much so I had to and I did.
This series of cards has been closed and now I'm moving on to my next Nordic projects. 
A little progress with my Christmas lettering. They have been ironed and stuffed, now just stitching up and sewing on the beads. I'm hoping to do so this week and they should be ready by next Sunday :)

In the meantime a new stitch has begun its life ;)

For my home-made kitchen maneouvres I bought these: (Adaliza, watch this! this is specially for you ;P) 
reindeer cookie cutters! this one is quite large and  now I can't wait Christmas to make my cookies and decorate them :)

Looks like Birkmann company is becoming my favourite :) Remember these?

Well, I couldn't resist buying this set:

Loved the snowflakes too!

and for my home-made food I have two new things:
a mild sweet-tasting layered salad of several ingredients, one of my faves for years (if anyone interested I'll share the recipe, just let me know)

and my first home made shallot pickles. Made on a special request from my boyfriend, who loves them :) but I'm not a big fan of these ;)

To finish off, just one more thing to brag about :) - my lovely red-white polka dot teapot from London Pottery. So cheerful, so optimistic. I had always wanted to have something like this at home! A real treat to tea lovers :)

Thank you very much for your comments under the previous post. Pleasure to read them! Handbags by Hellen, welcome, my new follower. 
Now I'm off to do some blog hopping. Quite a lot to catch up with.


  1. When I first started to look at your pics, I thought 'oooh, the red one is gorgeous'. Then I started on the trip down the screen and thought the white/wintry one was lovely. Now not so sure, as think they are all lovely - would be very hard to decide which one to buy.


  2. I saw the red & white cards and thought they were lovely, then the blue almost took my breath away! They are all beautiful but I do love the blues the best! Absolutely beautiful stitching x

  3. Wow. I don't know what else to say. Stunning. I don't know where you get the patience thats for sure. I have scrutinised them and there isn't a stitch out of place. How do you do it;

  4. They are all so beautiful, especially the ice blue and I love the traditional red and green one.
    I agree about the teapot, it looks really cheery.
    I also have to agree about the pickles, I'm not a big fan of them but the jar and label look brilliant.

    Jan x

  5. Oh my goodness you have been so busy! Love your cards and the Christmas lettering Mich x

  6. WOWSER!!!!!! your work is stunning darl

    So much patience you have with all those tiny stitches.
    Brilliant !

  7. Wow you have been busy! They are all gorgeous! :o) x

  8. Oh my, those cards are so beautiful, if I had made them I would not be able to bear parting with them! Wow! Stunning work. :)

  9. Your cards are beautiful, I love how they look different in each colour! Also I am having major teapot envy, it's so fun!

  10. You must have a lot of patience to stitch all those cards! Well done they look fab :)

  11. Beautiful cards - I love the blue ones best but wouldn't struggle to buy any of them!

    That salad looks delicious and made me hungry even though it is only breakfast time... I would love to see the recipe!

    Ali x

  12. Your cards are fabulous - can't decide which one I like the best! Far too lovely to give away, but whoever gets one is very lucky with all the work gone into them. Love the teapot!
    Jo x

  13. Wow! You have been a busy bunny!!! Love the cards so traditional yet modern feel. I like the red but also the dark blue with the white background. It got me in Christmas mode already!
    Your recipe looks scrummy what's in it? You have so many different talents well done xx

  14. Goodness you have been busy where do you find the time? Your cross stitch is beautifull- well done in making 5 of the same design. I can't wait to see what you make with the cookie cutters.

  15. Heavens, what a difference the various blocks of colour make. I am not a big cross stitch fan but those pieces could convert me :)

  16. The turquoise one is my favourite ... But it's so satisfying to see a bundle of things at the end of your labours isn't it?

  17. I love your cross stitch its amazing Must have taken ages but it was worth it Sorry I am a little late for handmade monday look forward to next week xxx


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