Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fa la la la la la la!

My stitching marathon continues. This week I managed to finish off my cross stitched NOEL decoration by sewing on some red berry-resembling seed beads :)

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and this is what it looks like when all the pieces are strung together on a cord:

The decoration will prolly end up as a part of mantlepiece decoration. So happy to see it finished. Ticked off on my list and now time to move on to another project. Some work has been done on this one this week, yet a lot to go :)

This is going to be a Scandinavian christmas tree with sampler features, monochromatic, made into a framed picture. Another thing to live on the mantlepiece :) (Gosh, I do need a huuuge mantlepiece this year!!) Hoping to see it finished soon!
In the meantime a new project has started :)

 A freebie from CrossStitcher magazine :) Fell in love instantly with those adorable cross stitched houses :) Had to have them!

Baking -wise, I had a quick play with ready-made puff pastry sometime during the week and made some lattice pastries with Bramley apple sauce and cinnamon and with spiced plum jam :) Perfect for the autumn evenings, aren't they?

They didn't stay very long though! I love spiced food far too much to let it go stale :P

Sorry, no lattices left now so I'm inviting you to a treat - some proper good British tea in a British mug from a British teapot and some British toffee apple cake :D How much I love all that fuss about tea drinking! :) Do you not? The Keep Calm and Carry On mug has been a spontaneous gift from my boyfriend. He knows too well I like the Best of British ;) even though I'm not the one ;)

Matrioshkas were a gift from him too! I love this folky charm!

Sunday night is a perfect time to join in the blog hopping. Hand-made Monday at Wendy's. Check this out guys and see what others have been up to.

Take care and thanks for the comments. x x x


  1. Oh my word where do you get the time to make such lovely things! I absolutely love the Noel decoration, so pretty with the beads!! xx

  2. certainly have been busy....your cross stitch is beautiful xx

  3. Such gorgeous items, the Noel banner looks great with the green background and the little beads really finish it off. The dolls are so sweet, I have a great set of Russian dolls and love them.

    Jan x

  4. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous. I love them, they are so brilliant, I have just become your latest follower. I look forward to seeing your next post xx

  5. I can't remember anything else now but toffee apple cake... my mind is simply blank except for those words going thru my mind. I don't think I care that it clearly has wheat in it. I think I must find a recipe and make it and consume the entire thing. Thank you for sharing... ;)

  6. Someone was super busy. I love your noel decoration - so country cottage!! It's really nice... but why the cakes? Now I need cake ;)

  7. Those Noel decorations are just gorgeous! I love the seed bead finish - so perfect! Love that you're fond of the British tea thing. I love the tea party idea but cannot stand tea (I drink herbal teas!) although apparently I loved it when I was a baby. Overkill, probably, from a tea-loving mother!!

  8. Your work is exquisite, you must be so pleased. You're sure to win first prize for best Christmas mantelpiece! Tea, best drink of the day!

  9. You are always so busy Martha! Love the nesting dolls Mich :)

  10. Love the festive designs, think two minds etc. The red and white is so Christmacy and love the tea pot, must use a tea pot for tea

  11. My goodness you have been busy. Sore fingers yet???? Don't they look lovely hanging on the trellis. You will have a very merry Christmas with all those.
    I skipped by the tarts as I am frantically trying to lose weight. but do agree with your tea drinking habbits.

  12. Hi, just found your blog. Your Noel decoration is absolutely beautiful. I haven't attempted cross stitch for over 15 years, but I may be inspired to try. I love your mug my daughter wants one just like that. Nice to have found you. Lorraine

  13. Wow, fantastic, what a lot of work! Love your spotty teapot too!

  14. Love the Noel decorations. Is the design in one of the cross stitch magazines?
    The little houses are very cute also.
    I just came across your blog and am enjoying looking through some older entries.


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