Monday, 22 August 2011

So what?

So what? So what it's summer now and still a few months to go to Christmas and I'm already stitching away my Christmas cards? Hot or not, I feel like making my Christmas cards right here and right now! :) And it doesn't bother me at all! :) This year I decided to be well-prepared for my Christmas, well ahead of time :) and started my cross stitch projects as early as possible. You know...a stitch in time... and everything will be ready for you to enjoy this lovely festive season :)
Recently I've been fostering my growing interest in Scandinavian crafts by stitching some sampler-style Nordic greeting cards. And here is the whole series of 6:

the cards in 3s:

and altogether :)

I really enjoyed stitching and mounting them. Simple, symmetrical, easy to stitch, folky look and festive mood. Voile! The charts come from Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine, issue 74, Oct/Nov, 2010.
I'm planning Scandinavian theme for my Christmas this year so more designs of this type are to come soon! 

Let's not forget that it is also a Hand-made Monday time. The 30th edition of this linking blog fun. Check out Wendy's place to see some lovely crafty stuff :) or simply join in! 
Due to my travel to Scotland last week, I've got some hand-made Monday posts to catch up with so I better be off now! 
To  whoever comes here : take care and thank you for your kind words :-)


  1. Those are amazing! And I was going to say I was thinking of starting my Christmas cards early this year too, but I only meant addressing them! haha. Well, now I feel like a slacker. :)

    1. thank you! well, with the cross stitch you always have to start much earlier than with the other crafts.

  2. The cards look lovely, such simple designs but very effective.

    Jan x

  3. They are gorgeous - and they would look good framed, too (maybe people will frame them afterwards as they are too good to be thrown away with the pile of cards after the event) x

    1. They will be sent to my family and good friends, everyone who appreciate hand-made work. Couldn't bear the sight of my cross stitched cards being binned ha ha :)

  4. They are super, I love the simplicity and naivety of the design... and the colours are so cool and clean. Well done you!


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