Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hello World :)

Right! That's it! I think I've had enough of the wordpress platform. Fed up with the wordpress user-rather-unfriendly settings, I decided to move the house to the more user-friendly and intuitive blogger platform and that's definite! :) For the next few days I'm gonna be busy posting new and old archival stuff to this blog. Wish me luck as there are tonnes of stuff to share! :)
Yesterday I decided to set up a purely English language version of my craft blog. On this blog you’re going to read about a whole array of my craft hobbies :) mostly glass painting, card making, cross stitching and sewing :) And since I’ve been crafting away for over 3 years now and have already come up with a substantial number of works, you will find here both the new pieces of my craftwork and the past ones. The latter will be marked as “oldies” in the post title and tagged accordingly.
Enjoy browsing through the posts and please feel free to leave a comment :)

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