Friday, 22 April 2011

Bunny Bunting

Hey, see my latest creation - Bunny Bunting and my first bunting sewn ever! :) I love all sorts of bunting but this design caught my eye straightaway. To make these I used Dana's tutorial. It's dead easy and a pleasure to make. I thought this cheerful washing line of bunnies would bring some Easter mood into my home :) They are hanging now on the mantelpiece.

Easter time is also a good time for gift swaps with your crafty online mates. This season I have received  a lovely batch of real Easter eggs (including the crocheted hen!) decoupaged by my friend, Agata. Finally I could swap my pseudo-easter eggs  from the beach in Barmouth (yes, yes, they were the round painted stones!) for some proper Polish Easter eggs! They are so real and so lovely! And they are the proper size too -  large blown goose eggs.

Now, see what Kathryn has sent me this Easter - a mother hen and two twin chicks! (chinese kitty included :D)

These lovely tatted easter eggs came all the way from Poland from Orin. All 7!. Each egg is a different design. The photo below shows only 4 examples of how beautiful the tatted lace is.

And finally, also from Poland came these 2 ceramic houses from Ewelina :) plus lots of sweet bits and bobs. I was delighted to see so many lovely treasures.

Thank you girls for all your gifts! x x x


  1. oh yes, I am :) don't we all enjoy crafty forum gift swaps?

  2. yeap!It's great opportunity to have something unique and that feeling during tearing up the envelope.Invaluable!

  3. that's very true but it works both ways with me - i love receiving craft parcels as well as waiting in big anticipation till my gift has reached its owner. it's so great to hear that someone is delighted :)

  4. I adore the rabbits!!!! So cute!

  5. Thanks Robin :) they are quite fun, aren't they?

  6. Ale fajowe zające jak pranie wiszące, no a kwoka superowa... panowie szydełkujący mają niezłe pomysły na królika, kurę i piękne jajka z motywem kwiatowym


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