Saturday, 26 August 2017

Saying "Hi"

Golly gosh! It's been ages since I blogged on here. Virtual dust settled down and cobwebs spread everywhere. Does anybody still come here? I wonder. 
I am alive. I still create, though at a more relaxed pace. Life goes on. It always does, doesn't it? There are good days, there are bad days. Gladly, there are more better days than bad days. Oh, and of course time flies...

It's hard to share all crafty news in one post so I'll stick to one at a time. This year I've been invited by a Polish friend of mine,  Monika, to cooperate with her and run a shop on Etsy for her. With this step I basically became a trend-spotter, Etsy account manager, translator, advisor, advertiser and an admin, all rolled in one. I hadn't had any experience with selling online especially on such widely known websites like Etsy, Craftsy and the like before and wasn't sure how marketing things are done. Neither hadMonika. So me and her are taking our first steps and learning as we go. The Etsy shop we have specializes in selling cross stitch charts in a form of digital pdf patterns (instant downloads) for stitcher of all levels. Monika designs the charts, I put them in her Etsy store. We enjoy our work and cooperation. 

Come and visit us in our Etsy store. You can always ask us a question or just say hi.

All stitchers welcome.

We keep adding new patterns regularly and frequently. Here are some of our newest charts.

The collections of seasonal trees:

Lots of Polish folklore - beautiful vibrant designs for all.
Polish "wycinanki" style

Polish folk embroidery in Kashubian style:

Kurpie region style:

Seaside themed cross stitch designs:

Gorgeous alphabets in various styles:

Fantastic Felines for cat lovers:

...and many more to discover and try. Do come over :)

The Little Polish needle is also on Twitter and Facebook:

Meet us on Twitter :)

Visit us on Facebook.

See you there! 


  1. Lovely to read your blog again. These designs are fabulous; too bad I'm not a stitcher. I wish you all the success in your new Etsy store. I'm sure it will be fun! Pat

    1. Thank you for visiting after such a long time of my inactivity. We are trying our best with the sales. It's not always easy but hey, it Etsy :) a sea of handmade things

  2. Hi Martha,
    so loively , to hear from you again!
    Wonderful Embroidery Patterns you have shown! Great stuff!
    Hope, you are well!
    Have a happy week,
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo


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