Thursday, 30 July 2015

Christmas in July

Did you know that LEON Day (Noel spelt backwards) falls on 25th July - and marks the halfway point to Christmas? For some crafters it's time to start thinking about what hand-made stuff they want to make / sell for Christmas. So I decided to do some pre-Christmas planning and reviewing. As a multi-crafter I usually have a few projects on the go and mid-summer is the right time for me to think and plan what I would like to create for Christmas. Lots of projects like cross stitch or knitting stretch over time and require some planning and systematic work so I will have to keep up a good crafting to complete them by December.
This year my Christmas crafting will mean finishing some old projects and trying a couple of new ones. Perhaps you remember me knitting all 55 Scandinavian Christmas balls by Arne and Carlos. Well, this year I would like to knit some more and they are going to make an Advent calendar. There are 24 balls to knit. I'm going to embellish them with some ribbons, little bells and hand-stitched cross stitch tags with numbers so they look like a calendar. I've already knitted two advent calendar balls that need stuffing. 22 to go :)

Next on the agenda is this beautiful festive sampler I started last year. There's still much stitching to go ahead and I'm looking forward to finishing it. It's going to look splendid with all that sparkly silver thread. Stitching it on a dark background slows it a bit though but it's worth in the end.

And finally the 3rd project to finish off is "Nordic Holiday" from The Prairie Schooler. 4 tiles stitched,  another 5 to go :) I'm really loving these primitive folk motifs The Prairie Schooler treats us to every year. 

So much for the UFO's (reads: UnFinished Objects). Now onto the shopping bit :) As a part of preparation of Christmas crafting, I've treated myself to some new cross stitch patterns I spotted online. Looks like JBW Designs released some new Scandi-style patterns. I'm hoping to lay my hand on them too!

Oh, and of course I still have the two sets of cross stitch cards from the previous year to make. That's my Christmas cards 2015 sorted :)

And here are my new Prairie Schooler charts I've bought this month. They came all the way from the USA. I've fancied these charts for a while and I'm dying to start them. The Reindeer Roundup and the Sleepy Christmas Village will have to wait for their turn though...

... because I'm so in love with this pattern - Evergreen. This is the newest release from The Prairie Schooler. I loved it this instant and I rushed to the shops to get my own copy. I also managed to buy a nice piece of sage-coloured linen in preparation for the project. Really looking forward to starting this one! Excited! :D

Evergreen is a beautiful collection of 9 festive tiles, each different, yet all coordinated in style and colours. You also get two extra tiles to stitch separately as add-ons. The genius of The Prairie Schooler designs is that details are achieved just by simple cross stitches, minimal backstitch and with only few colours of stranded cotton. Perfect for me! :) Roll on Christmas!

If you also like to think about Christmas in the middle of a hot summer, do tell me about. I'd love to hear about you future festive plans and preparations. 
Cheerio x



  1. You make beautifull cross stiching.

    And you have lots to do before christmas :)

    1. thank you :)
      i always plan a lot but usually end up doing 1/3 of it lol

  2. Good morning, Martha,
    wonderful new items, so lively stiches and knttings! You are such a busy bee :O)
    You are good "preparated" for Christmas! Good, to start right now! I wnat to start my Christmas Cards soon too ;O)
    Have a lovely weekend,
    sending Love and hugs,Claudia xo

    1. Hi Claudia! Nice to hear from you again!
      I'm looking forward to seeing your early xmas stuff :)

  3. I like christmas in July!
    .......and my mouse is the same one only with new set of clothes..... :)
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Hi Anja :)
      I still havent got round to knitting Magnus, the mouse and already, very soon a new book by A&C is being released! I'd better hurry up! :)

  4. Lovely cross stitching , Martha !!!!! Prairie Schooler's primitive folk motifs are so cute !!!!!!!

    1. Hi Nikki,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to hear from other fellow crafters :)

  5. Wonderful work ... "compliment" !!

    xoxo doris


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