Thursday, 7 August 2014

Felicity Hall "Stitch Alphabets and Numbers"

This post can be a great news for cross stitchers who love stitching  retro-looking stylized projects :) Not so long ago, in June, as far as I remember a new craft book came out on the market: 

Felicity Hall, "Stitch Alphabets and Numbers"

I got my copy on pre-order off Amazon and I love all the letter styles Felicity designed for us. I'd love to work through most of them as they are so vibrant and eye-catching that your project is bound to wow everybody. Felicity is famous for her circus font cross stitch designs and here the book offers you the whole alphabet you can stitch either in cross stitch or in needlepoint. I just love it!!!!

This is what you can find in the book: (some exemplary photos)

This circus font design reminds me of my unfinished project - a HOME SWEET HOME cross stitch bunting-to-be tucked somewhere in the craft boxes! I should finish that one first before I move onto these! Otherwise I will feel guilty of creating another UFO.

I also love the fact that Felicity included some great designs of stylized numbers. Now everyone can stitch their important memorable dates! 

Love this retro take on the alphabets, these letters definitely make a statement! Add to that proper background and a fab frame and you end up with your own hand-made contemporary art.

on the back cover there are some other lovely book recommendations:

I actually own that Knit the Alphabet book already ;) and shall be blogging about it soon! The book with marine cross stitch designs is still on my wish list :) With that in perspective, I should really get my bookshelves sorted! 
Cheerio! x X x


  1. This book looks wonderful. It has really tempted me to try some more cross stitch. The designs are so unique.
    Ali xx

    1. I'm happy I could inspire you to take up something new. This is how new passions are born - through fascination and curiosity. Go for it Ali, i will cheer you on your cross stitch adventure :)

  2. Hi Martha,
    those Alphabets from Felicity Hall are georgeous! But also I like the Knitting alphabet! So sweet! What are you doing first???
    Thanks for shwoing us!
    Happy evening,

    1. Erm... I dont know Claudia. Perhaps I should finish my circus letter bunting first and then move onto these projects. I'm already feeling guilty the other one is lying in a cupboard!!!
      I'll be showing Knit the Alphabet book soon, you may find it interesting and perhaps a bit desirable :)


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