Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Nordic Julekuler: 44, 45, 46/55

Last weekend I finally managed to sit down to finishing some of my knitted balls. Christmas in about 20 days and I'm still not done with my target 55 knitted balls! I'd better hurry up! Only 5 to go!
Here are the next three knitted and stuffed balls. Knitting them was a great pleasure as I loved the patterns - fauna from snowy Scandinavian forests :)

 ("Bullfinch" 44/55)

 ("Squirrel" 45/55)

The squirrel has been one of my favourite motifs in the whole book. I just couldn't wait the day I'll be knitting this motif. It's such a great design. 

 ("Straw Buck" 46/55)

There's been some tradition behind the straw buck in the Scandinavian countries. It is called the Yule Goat and in Norwegian - Julbocken. In pagan times people used to slaughter their goats in preparation of Christmas festivities known as Yuletide. Also, goats were an animal attribute of the viking god - Thor. These days Nordic people make straw buck to decorate their houses and Christmas trees. 

In Sweden, each year a straw buck is built at the begining of the Christmas season. The most famous is Gävle Goat

And all three ball altogether :)

Now I've got a pile of balls on my platter, waiting for the crochet chains to be attached :)

Just about to go and start a new knitted ball. Looks like it's gonna be a relaxing knitting evening, perhaps with a glass of mulled wine :) 
Hope you have had a good day. Enjoy you eve! 

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